SymbeeStars: A Bright Innovation for Intelligent Consumer Lighting Systems

August 3, 2012

1:00 pm

When David Ortega developed his intelligent lighting system, he took his inspiration from the stars. The product he created, SymbeeStars, is an incredibly diverse lighting system that is the first of its kind in the consumer space.

SymbeeStars are intelligent wireless lights controlled with an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device that uses Bluetooth 4.0. These lights use LEDs with interchangeable decorative shades, such as planets, sports, and sea creatures.

The first product from the company is decorative lighting for children’s rooms. Through intelligent lighting, SymbeeStars will turn ordinary bedrooms into a magical place by displaying light patterns designed to comfort children and gradually lull them to sleep. To help parents monitor sleep patterns, SymbeeStars will also maintain a log of each time a child wakes up during the night and cries out. However, SymbeeStars have the potential to be much more than just a dynamic nightlight for kids – the possibilities of an intelligent lighting system are endless.

SymbeeStars come with a built-in microphone that can be programmed to respond to sound.  Because users can control lights through mobile devices, SymbeeStars can interact with any application that is Symbee-enabled, allowing the lights to come to life in response to games and other applications. For example, SymbeeStars can sync color changes and light patterns to the beat of your favorite music. Through its use of Bluetooth 4.0, SymbeeStars can also interact with immersive games, creating a dynamic environment in which exploding lights and colored warning cues take place across the entire room.

SymbeeStars will be released with a developer kit, which will allow users to explore the endless possibilities of intelligent lights. The team behind SymbeeStars, which includes some of the creative geniuses behind the robotic dinosaur Pleo and the Furby, are excited about how consumers will be able to leverage their intelligent lighting system.

SymbeeStars is currently seeking crowdfunding on the Indiegogo site, so with just a $45 donation, you can get a single SymbeeStar light. There are only 200 available at this special price, and they’re sure to go quick.

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