Tablet War: Apple & Amazon Faceoff

January 21, 2010

12:40 am

Who will win the faceoff?

Who will win the faceoff?

There are lots of rumors swirling about the upcoming release of a the Apple tablet device and we have covered it before here. Today the WSJ reported that Apple is looking to take on “old media” (newspapers, magazines and TV) with the release of its new tablet. There has been much speculation about the Apple operating system that will run on the Apple Tablet and some have thought it may be even be the same OS as the iPhone. If not, then the next question is what OS will it be?  And will it have an app store?

To counter all those rumors, Amazon is sharpening its armor for a tablet war as the NYTimes has reported that Amazon will be adding applications to the Kindle and launch of an Amazon App Store. According to the NYTimes:

“Amazon will say that it is letting programmers create what it calls active content — similar to applications — for the Kindle and keep 70 percent of the revenue from each sale after paying for wireless delivery costs.”

This is great news for developers and product developers as it creates yet another place to make money with applications, just like the iTunes app store does. Not mention, it’s a tablet war which means Apple and Amazon are driving each other to innovate, which is great for consumers. Who do you think will win this one?

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