How to Tactfully Implement Your Digital Advertising

January 2, 2016

8:00 pm

Digital advertising is the way to get the word out about your company’s services and products, but it has to be done tactfully. Manners matter in every aspect of business, including marketing campaigns. Because the digital-media landscape changes constantly, it’s important to keep up with current trends and to politely change with the times.

Mobile Friendliness Matters

Since most customers will access websites and social media from their mobile devices, it’s important that your media and campaigns are compatible with mobile formats. This is true with customers across the board as they watch videos, check emails, read articles, and consume content. Make sure your media is mobile-device friendly if you want to reach the widest pool of individuals. Not having a mobile friendly website can lead to problems when navigating a website which leads the user to find a comparable site that is mobile friendly. Companies without mobile friendly websites can lose customers to the competition for that reason alone.

Paid Advertising Works

While some social-media campaigns are free, many of the more effective ones require spending cash for your advertising. You can generate positive results with the free organic marketing techniques, but you may spend lots of time achieving your desired results. Consider increasing your marketing budget to really see some success. Each social media platform will have a different impact depending on what industry the campaign is advertising for. Pinterest is a great platform for home and garden type companies whereas a lawyer might turn to Facebook or Twitter to interact with potential clients or answer questions on legal matters via social media.

Alternative Delivery Methods Are Effective

Break out of the marketing box and deliver your content in some alternative ways. For instance, consider creating an ultimate guide or offering an online class. With these methods, you can deliver inspiring content to a wider audience. By taking this approach, you can entertain, educate, and gain loyalty as you connect with your target audience. Engaging with an audience is a great way to humanize a brand and build customer loyalty. This loyalty is built as the customer will view the company as a group of individuals rather than a faceless corporate juggernaut.

Incorporate Video Marketing

Video clips have become extremely popular in marketing. These videos don’t have to be long; in fact, it may be better to have them short and to the point. Six- to 15-second videos can deliver tutorials and entertainment and provide research details customers want to know about before they buy. You don’t have to hire a professional film crew, either. You can make good-quality video clips by using your creativity and some readily available products/tools on the market today.

Mine Behavioral Data

You want your advertising to reach the right audience. To refine your targets, mine behavioral data to pinpoint the individuals who fit your desired customer base. For example, if you’re seeking to reach working mothers, you can find a pool of them based on their Internet surfing habits, their buying histories, and their online searches. Why spend budget dollars on a huge set of consumers when you can aim at the ones most likely to buy your products and services?

Digital advertising is a powerful tool. When you use it wisely and with finesse, you’ll be more likely to achieve marketing success.

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Tommy Wyher is a writer out of the great state of Florida and has written for numerous publications. He enjoys reading about the newest and latest developments in tech and social media.

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