Take Advantage of Public Transportation Downtime with TransitChatter

April 4, 2013

1:05 pm

Public transportation offers riders something that has become a premium in today’s fast-paced society: downtime. TransitChatter offers a solution for riders to better spend their time in transit.

Founded by Samuel Pro and David Rogers, TransitChatter expands on current public transportation applications. TransitChatter supplies a forum for riders to anonymously vent and connect with other riders through their chatroom interface. However, TransitChatter’s application holds many more keys to unlocking the potential of rider’s downtime.

With the goal of transforming commuting into an interactive experience, the TransitChatter app makes daily commutes informative, entertaining, and tailored. The single intuitive interface provides riders with highly relevant social media content that includes news and events nearby. Using predictive geo-targeting, TransitChatter gives riders pertinent information about where they are going, rather than where they came from, and what will be going on when they get there. The new feature, Arrival Time Tracker, gives riders an up-to-date arrival time to better plan and schedule their day.

A benefit of TransitChatter’s geo-targeting is that each user gets a tailored feed of advertised deals in the area they are traveling to. Now riders can browse for suitable restaurant specials and more near their destination, en route to catching up with friends. TransitChatter’s ability to reach commuters based on location also supplies businesses an opportunity to reach potential customers.

For example, advertisers can promote their business through deals on TransitChatter based on time of day and riders’ locations. These targeted, relevant deals can increase their conversions. Advertisers are also able to create their deal promotions within the TransitChatter interface, giving them more control over the presentation of their ads.

Public transportation reduces harmful emissions and takes away the hassle of weaving through traffic, but it also provides riders with downtime. By using TransitChatter, riders can turn a routine commute into an interactive experience that enhances their journey and focuses on the most important part of the commute: the destination.

TransitChatter was featured on Tech Cocktail last April and showcased at our Tech Cocktail Chicago mixer.

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