Take Control of your Google Search Results with Vizibility

May 17, 2011

11:02 am

Ever Google yourself?  It’s actually a really fun exercise, especially if you like the search results that pop up.  But many professionals, like doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and business consultants, must have a solid online reputation to attract new clients.  For job seekers, having positive search results can make or break the chance of landing an interview.

Start curating the website content that is out there about you or your company with NYC-based Vizibility, which allows you to filter, verify, and rank your search results the way you’d like them to appear.

“We are the Google society,” said Vizibility CEO James Alexander in a recent interview.  “We have to know what is appearing about us online, especially because mistaken identity is a huge problem right now.  Having someone else’s less than stellar search results come up online can have an economic impact on your business’ bottom line or professional opportunities.” 

Vizibility’s results are very search-friendly – over 3 months, the average organic Google search results placement for users from a professional-services firm was position 10 (bottom of the first page).

It is also a highly user-friendly service.  Once you create your personalized search results, you can add their SearchMe button to your website or WordPress blog, and when you are Googled, you receive a text message alerting you.

They just rolled out a QR code app that lets you create a QR code that links to your V-Card or SearchMe results and – this is the best part – the information linked to the QR code will always deliver up-to-date information, so you can feel free to add your QR code to everything from business cards to marketing literature.

Costs (for individuals) begin at free for a basic plan; a monthly subscription for a Premier plan is $2.95, which includes some great reporting tools, while a Premier Pro plan, which allows you to buy your name on Google, is $9.95.

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