Taking Cues from Traditional Advertising Methods

December 20, 2015

11:21 am

As marketing gets more technological, sometimes it is important to take a step back and learn how some old school marketing techniques can help you stand out and succeed. Promotional products can help promote your brand and is a marketing method that has stood the test of time. Giveaways and “freebies” can help you promote your products, garner favor with potential customers, and improves your brand awareness. This article will highlight how modern advertising is taking cues from traditional advertising like promotional products and other “old school” techniques. Five traditional advertising techniques that still work like a charm in today’s high tech society include promotional products, mailing lists, sign spinners, slogans, and coupons.

Promotional Products

Branding is a big buzzword these days and is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. Promotional products help make your brand remain memorable for years, not just days or months. It ticks all the boxes necessary when trying to promote your brand including repetition, consistency, and it is inherently rewarding for customers. Studies have shown that branded gifts are kept for long periods of time and increase the positive feeling towards a company. They also are very competitive with modern advertising methods cost wise. The successful nature of promotional products makes them less expensive per impression than other advertising methods.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are tried and true advertising methods that have also stood the test of time. Direct mail is one of the oldest types of advertising; however it is still working well today. One of the reasons why is because oddly enough, receiving mail, especially when personalized can be somewhat novel when compared to email. Since we see so much email on a daily basis and easily and quickly delete that email, customers might be more open to recognize creative and personalized direct mail pieces they receive.

Sign Spinners

Sign spinners have taken on a modern entertainment twist, yet are still an old style of grabbing customers’ attention roadside. Perhaps the continued success of sign spinners can be attributed to the recent push for buying local. On the other hand, the success of sign spinners can also be correlated with the skill of the spinner. There is something to be said about a dancing and enthusiastic spinner versus one who is not as engaging.

Slogans and Jingles

Slogans and jingles have been helping sell products as long as there has been commercial production. Slogans and jingles help customers remember a product. Catchy phrases or songs are not just a marketing ploy, but also use psychology and consumers may be thinking about a product through a song or saying stuck in their head and not even recognize they are doing it.


Coupons have transcended from the Sunday newspaper to be incorporated in so many different ways. Coupons will also work because everyone wants to save money. Some consumers will even spend more on a brand they have a coupon for than a no name competitor. The act of clipping, saving, or printing coupons also has a branding effect, making consumers think about the product or brand and can increase the likelihood of making purchase even when they don’t have a coupon or they are holding an expired coupon.

Promotional products are part of 5 types of traditional advertising strategies that still work in our digital advertising predominant world. Some techniques stand out because they are not digital. The traditional marketing techniques that still work today all have another thing in common: a strong ability to increase brand awareness. The five “old school” advertising methods we covered included promotional products, mailing lists, sign spinners, slogans, and coupons. If you choose to incorporate some or all of these techniques into your marketing strategy, your company will benefit from a well-rounded approach that can appeal to a large mix of your audience.

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