6 Tales of Conference Missed Connections

September 16, 2014

6:00 pm

When I’m bored and have nothing to do, occasionally I’ll find myself browsing through Craigslist missed connections. It’s not that weird, really, a lot of people do it (right?), or at least a lot of my own friends do it (one friend even created an app for it). Sure there are a few sketchy posts, but by and large many of the posts in the missed connections section are genuine written confessionals – all wanting to reconnect or start a connection with someone they encountered (or merely saw from afar).

This had me thinking: what about all those missed connections at conferences? Nothing like the romanticized missed connections on Craigslist, but more-so within a professional context – those times when there was someone you thought could prove valuable as a connection, and you completely missed out on the opportunity to introduce yourself or never got their contact information. I was sure that they happened, since I myself have experienced this at various conferences.

I reached out to a few people, and indeed it has happened to others – that I’m not alone in this experience. From the professional, to the more humorous, here are 6 tales of conference missed connections:


Sorry – ya missed it.

“To the Yahoo! Travel Editor at the recent travel conference in Mexico: your knowledge, style, and personality positively shined during your keynote presentation and I’m kicking myself for not making more of an effort to find you over the weekend. P.S., I’m available for writing assignments!” – Shannon Entin, Travel Writer, 100 Routes Across America

“Needed just one more hour at the GWA trade show to accomplish all I wanted to do. Moderated a session; worked our booth, shook hands with countless people and made great connections during the breakout panel discussions. Launching a product is rewarding, all-consuming and requires tenacity. I felt like our team was conquering the world. My missed opportunity, and I’m really bummed about it, was not carving out time for a catch up over a glass of wine with my long-time, friend, client and mentor. These quiet one-one-one impromptu conversations can yield so much at these large-scale events. Next time, my friend, I promise.” – Andrea Pirrotti, CMO at HappyDesk

“You walked right by my booth at the event tech show. I was the sad one in the short skirt and the conference lanyard at the flashy booth with only three iPads, all in use when you passed by. Next time, I promise I’ll rent more tablets and be able to handle more volume of conference goers, capture more leads (and be able to capture your attention), cute tech boy that passed me by because I didn’t have a free iPad for you to stop and hang at my booth.” – Sara Zuckerman on behalf of Mobile Technology Rentals

“We met a conference in NY, even though you were from the West Coast. I knew right away that your company had all the right products. We had an instant connection, from supply to demand. What will it take to take our business relationship to the next level? Call me… maybe?” – Eli Martin, Director of Sales at EZanga

“I saw you from across the room and you looked just as enchanting as your LinkedIn profile picture. In that moment, I knew that I would stop at nothing to get my business card into your hand, and ultimately your heart. You were the star of the show, the bell of the ball, that one kid in college that had a car that everyone wanted to be friends with; you were Twitter. As the night wore on, I entertained countless people at our booth (praying that one of them would be you) and in the middle of a conversation I see you walk past our booth and say “that’s cool!” And then you disappear into the crowd. Lost until next time…” – Alex Avritch, Director of Marketing at CLASH Scavenger Hunts

“To the two guys at LibertyJS that taught me how to play Magic: The Gathering – I didn’t get your contact info, but you opened my eyes to the new world of these card games. You guys took off early before I could thank you. And now I don’t know of anyone else that will play them with me. It would be cool if we could connect again.” – Michael Riley, Cofounder of Boxter

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