Talkshow Live Texting App Is Closing Their Doors

November 1, 2016

7:00 pm

Talkshow, the live texting show, announced via email and social media that they are shutting down their app and website.

Launched six months ago, the goal of Talkshow was to give people a simple and easy way to have live conversations via text. With 8 trillion text messages shared every year, you’d think this would be right in line with the way people are communicating.

“While we have enjoyed the conversations that have happened on Talkshow, and are grateful for the community that has formed around the product, we don’t see it getting big enough to have the impact we had hoped for,” said Michael Sippey, the CEO and cofounder of Talkshow on Medium.

Some of the topics included: Disney, NBA Talk Show , comedy, spoilers, Saturday Night Live, iOS 10 updates and a favorite mine, Harry Potter.

If you still have the texting app on your phone, you’re lucky: You can continue to use Talkshow for the next week. The company is giving the shows an opportunity to close out and find a new home.  Otherwise, the company is shutting off the app from the App Store and will turn off the ability for users to create new accounts or create new shows.

From the company:

“On Tuesday November 8, we will end all currently active Talkshows and hosts will no longer be able to send messages to their shows, and audience members will no longer be able to submit Q&A messages. Effectively, every Talkshow will be in ‘read only’ mode, in the app and on the web.”

For hosts with shows that want to preserve their thread:

“We will make export tools available for every show. On the the web view for each show, we will prominently feature a ‘Download’ link, which will allow any user to download a zip archive of that show. That archive will include an HTML file, CSS and all the images that were sent to the show. We’re making these export links available publicly, because Talkshow was literally designed to be ‘texting in public.’ If you were a fan of a particular show, and want to keep it for posterity’s sake, you can go ahead and download a zip archive of that particular show.”

As of December 1, the company will completely turn off Talkshow. To all Talkshow texters, hosts and flies on the wall:

“We’re incredibly grateful to the community of people who discovered and enjoyed Talkshow. It’s humbling to put something out in the world and have people use it. We’re also lucky to have investors, advisors, friends and family who have been and continue to be supportive. So while Talkshow the product is shutting down, the company lives on…and we’re working on something new,” Sippey said.

After the announcement, the Talkshow “Come ask the Talkshow team anything” started filling up with fans thanking the team for their app. Thanks Sippey.


screen shot talkshow with tishin & CEO Michael Sippey


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