Make Smart Mobile Advertising Decisions Using Tapad

November 20, 2011

2:09 pm

Advertising is expensive.  TV ads can cost millions of dollars to make – and then you have to hope your audience isn’t fast-forwarding right over your ad on their DVR. Advertising on mobile devices (tablets and smart phones included) run the same risk – will your audience  even get your ad, let alone see it?

NYC-based startup, Tapad, which was named by AdAge Magazine as a startup to watch, wants to make it much easier for marketers and advertisers to actually reach their target market.  Their cloud-based platform lets you choose the right audience to advertise to at the right time in a real-time bidding environment.

They do this through a combination of advanced data-driven advertising technology,  cookie-tracking, and other user information, such as device signatures.   Based on the information this combo delivers, you can decide on the value of a user before sending them an ad.

If you hit on a major success, good news – Tapad is scalable to billions of ad impressions per day.  And because it offers a single point of access for all mobile devices, it will make your life easier while delivering a better ROI.

As advertising continues to evolve from offline to online advertising, it will be interesting to see how much mobile advertising technology, like that from Tapad, will help with that transition.  Guess we’ll have to stay tuned to find out (yes, pun intended).

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