Tapshare Introduces Photo Broadcasting

October 3, 2013

5:00 pm

When Myke Armstrong brought Tapshare into the mobile photo sharing world, he knew there would be some big time competition bearing down on him. Albumatic, Instagram, and Path already have a dominant share in the market, but he would not be deterred.

The primary function behind Tapshare is to connect people nearby automatically so they can share photos in a group album. However simple it sounds, Armstrong has gone to great lengths to distinguish it from the notable competitors.

As Tapshare came into existence, the decision was made to add photo broadcasting to the list of features. To take advantage of this key feature, all users have to do is click the stream button in any album, and all the photos people are taking will appear in real-time on any connected device screen.

Albumatic was designed first and foremost for group album sharing. On paper that sounds exactly like Tapshare, but the reality is that Albumatic lacks the broadcast feature plus any sort of geo-location capability.

The mobile social network that is Path was designed for private messaging and sharing photos, videos, music, and more with the people in your life. While Path does thrive on photo sharing, it tends to go the way of Facebook and makes it difficult to share in real-time.

The biggest of all Armstrong’s competition is Instagram. It offers a way for people to quickly share photos and has pinpoint geo-location capability that lets users see who they are near on an actual map.

No matter how potent the platform though, Armstrong was wise to establish the broadcast feature because he’s never seen it elsewhere. When you pair that with the geo-location features, Tapshare can most definitely stand toe to toe with the big dogs.

There is a little bit of Twitter peeking out from behind the Tapshare name too. The photo broadcast operates much the same way as live tweets displayed on monitors at events.

“Sure you can share photos on any of these platforms,” says Armstrong. “But the platform will be unable to magically share and broadcast any of them in real-time.”

Armstrong was motivated to preserve the group and party photographs that get lost on camera rolls. Tapshare not only ensures that the photos are saved, but it goes one step further to make sure photographers can show off their skills on the big screen.

Tapshare and Armstrong are banking on the success of word of mouth advertising as they move forward. This is yet another wise move for the entrepreneur as the party scene is Tapshare’s main demographic: let the excitement it generates carry it to the top.

Tapshare was featured at Tech Cocktail’s Los Angeles Mixer & Startup Showcase on September 5th.

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