TARAbrella Is The Smart Umbrella You Didn’t Know You Needed

June 10, 2016

1:01 pm

Having new, cool tech is a lot of fun. Where it be your brand new home automation system or a hi-tech toothbrush, being connected to your world can feel pretty cool. And while getting used to your new devices can be a bit of a chore, the end goal is a more connected, simpler life. Fortunately, TARAbrella is hoping to bring that feeling to the great outdoors. But only when it’s raining.

TARAbrella, for those of you inept when it comes to word play, is a smart umbrella that does far more than you could ever imagine, in addition to keeping you dry during a drizzle. With features that include a super comfortable handle, a super bright LED light, a super safe runner, and a super helpful anti-theft tracking system, this super smart umbrella will do a lot more than shield you from the rain. As far as charging goes, the simple wall-mounted charger is more simple than a hook and way more stylish. Plus, the carbon fiber ribs make the inside-out umbrella a thing of the past. And with all that, it’s still lighter than an iPhone.

In addition to all that, TARAbrella boasts perhaps the most necessary technology ever conceived in an umbrella: weather forecasting. That’s right, the handle of this smart umbrella will light up different colors and patterns to alert you to oncoming storms. No more getting stuck in the rain without protection. No more panicking at the first sign of grey clouds. No more showing up to social events looking and smelling like a wet dog because of an unexpected downpour.

TARAbrella has launched an Indiegogo campaign that hopes to raise enough funding to put this smart umbrella on the market for the world to enjoy. You can currently acquire one of these models for the substantially discounted price of $49. The retail price for these umbrellas comes in at $89, which might seem high for an umbrella, but remember, no more wet-dog smell! Plus, these early bird deals make it more than a reasonable purchase for something as comprehensive as an umbrella that does the day-planning for you.

Photo: TARAbrella

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