Tech Cocktail Week Sessions Welcomes Jonathan Jenkins, CEO of OrderWithMe

December 10, 2014

8:00 am

TC Week is here! Our final Tech Cocktail Week for 2014 is upon us. We welcome our out-of-town guests to gather for several days of learning, networking, and touring the vibrant startup scene in Downtown Las Vegas. RSVP for the Speaker Sessions Thursday night  to hear from the great influencers and leaders that we have lined up!

Jonathan Jenkins started OrderWithMe in the same town where Alibaba is headquartered: Hangzhou, China. After running an export business from China and then a technology business, he and his future wife, Danielle, decided that it was time to utilize technology to enable small businesses to strengthen their buying power. To help jumpstart this business, the duo traveled to a nearby town to participate in the Chinaccelerator incubator. From there, they were encouraged to apply for TechCrunch Disrupt, and not only were selected out of 600,000 companies, but won the competition in Beijing in 2011.

After a few years running the business in China where the bulk of retail suppliers were located, OrderWithMe began serving more and more suppliers who were U.S.-based. In 2013, it became clear that establishing a stateside office was going to be necessary. They were all set to relocate their headquarters to San Francisco, when a friend suggested that they check out Las Vegas. Almost immediately, the Jenkins duo and OrderWithMe made the decision to move to Las Vegas, and opened a major office in August 2013, while still keeping a team that is located in China.

The team continues to grow and thrive in Las Vegas, and contributes to the community in myriad ways. They opened a classroom space in their office to help facilitate relationships between small businesses and tech companies. OrderWithMe opens their doors to the community several times per year for VegasTech community dinners, and rallies the community for giving and donation events. GiveWithMe is an initiative during the holiday season to gather gifts and essentials for those in need, which is being promoted alongside the Zappos Pop-Up Shop Powered by ShopWithMe.

Zappos Pop-Up Store Front - Tech Cocktail -

Yes, it’s true – Jenkins and the team at OrderWithMe is powering all of these projects, including the latest, ShopWithMe, which they believe meets a serious need in the retail industry: Help retailers sell, in addition to the help they already provide in ordering.

You can check out how this works at the Pop-Up Shop in Downtown Las Vegas throughout the holidays, and you can hear more from Jonathan Jenkins at the Speaker Sessions on Thursday night. We are excited to ask him about his founder journey, how working with your wife helps you work with other people, and how it’s possible to hire the right people to take on such adventurous projects as these.



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