TeamMash Delivers a Daily Sports Newsletter to Fans

November 14, 2012

3:00 pm

The last item on the morning routine for many people is checking in on sports news and updates. A lot of people do not even read up until lunch rolls around.

The problem here is that not enough time invested in the latest on your sports teams often leads to poor fantasy sports moves and a general lack of information regarding sports around the nation. And a half-hearted sports knowledge is a hard thing to hide. TeamMash founder Zachary Warner had a similar issue, but instead of living with sports news mediocrity he decided to change the game.

TeamMash is a free daily email for sports fanatics with customized content from around the web, based on the teams you follow. Even if you wake up early, TeamMash was up earlier and has your breaking sports news for you on a silver platter. The only thing that could make it more perfect would be if TeamMash served breakfast along with the email.

Its competition, sites like BleacherReport and SBNation, tends to ship out newsletters after the fact and focus more on driving traffic to their own blog content. Warner’s sports news is different, he says, because “TeamMash aims to find the best sports content and drive traffic to that content, regardless of source.” “Best” means relevant, new, and in line with what sports teams the subscriber cares about.

TeamMash started from humble roots, but after Warner showed his customized sports newsletter to some friends, it blew up. To date, the TeamMash daily email finds a home in over 26,500 inboxes across America. Let TeamMash help keep you informed so that the next time a coworker, friend, or in-law asks how you feel about the Los Angeles Lakers picking up Dwight Howard, your response is not “Wait…that happened?”

TeamMash was a showcased startup at the Tech Cocktail Bloomington mixer in September.

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