BREAKING: Tech.Co Purchased by Snapchat, Plans for Media Overhaul

April 1, 2016

12:14 pm

In a surprising move, popular photo-sharing app Snapchat has bought Tech.Co and plans to change the format of the publication. With their recent success in the app store and the overall expansion of their product, Snapchat felt that the acquisition of our company was integral in their plans. We at Tech.Co are happy to join the Snapchat team in their pursuit of total media domination.

Snapchat has recently rolled out an array of new features including video calling, GIFs and stickers. Networks have even started posting television series to be produced exclusively for the app. Comedy Central has mentioned that nine new series will be added to the photo-sharing app by the end of the year. The purchase of Tech.Co is just another step towards their ultimate goal.

While Snapchat recognizes the format of Tech.Co as comprehensive and stylish, their plans for reformatting are rooted in their desire for more app traffic. They understand that consumers prefer short bursts of information, which is why all Tech.Co stories will be turned into 10-second videos recorded by contributors.

“Keeping everyone informed is great,” says one source. “But who wouldn’t love to have all their tech news consolidated into 10-second clips? That’s the dream.”

Snapchat is so serious about the purchase that Tech.Co will be moving to an exclusive relationship with the popular app. As weeks progress, Tech.Co will be removing stories from the website and replacing them with the aforementioned short videos to be viewed via the mobile app.

Tech.Co has adjusted to the change well with a complete overhaul of company processes. Emails, messengers, calendars and video calling have all been eliminated from the daily routine of Tech.Co employees and have been replaced with Snapchat. Morning meetings, scheduling sessions and on-boarding are done via the many features available on the popular app.

For media inquiries, please contact Tech.Co Frank Gruber on Snapchat (frankgruber).

Editor’s Note: April Fools’ – I’m so sorry.

Image via Flickr / AdamPrzezdziek

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