The Tech.Co Top Stories of 2014

December 30, 2014

11:00 am

We’ve had a great year here at Tech.Co – from getting our book published to launching our fourth hub city (Miami), 2014 turned out to be a truly amazing year. On the editorial side, our team has published some great articles, ranging from coverage of startups and under-recognized startup ecosystems, to breaking news in the tech and startup space and useful resource guides for the entrepreneur community.

This past year, we saw the release of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, looked into the controversies surrounding Secret and Uber, and highlighted startup ecosystems from San Diego all the way to Bali. Our team got the chance to interview some of the country’s greatest innovators, meet some of the best startups from the country at SXSW, and even mingle with the likes of President Obama and Bill Nye inside the White House.

From Barack to Bali, there was no shortage of action from the editorial team in 2014 

In summary: a lot has happened in 2014. In an effort to look at some of the things we wrote in the past year, we’ve highlighted the top stories from our site. Take a look at the Tech.Co top stories of 2014 to see what people were reading in the last year.

Here are the 15 Tech.Co Top Stories of 2014:

15. 41 Startup Guys Show Us What They ACTUALLY Wear to Work

This summer, Banana Republic got some criticism from the startup community after unveiling its “Startup Guy” collection. Showing men with pristine chinos and perfectly tailored shirts, many of those actually working at startups thought the inspiration for the clothing line was not at all in tune with reality. In an effort to show the world what startup guys actually wear to work, we reached out to real-life startup peeps and got them to share with us exactly what’s going on in their wardrobes.

14. 5 Trends Driving E-Commerce in 2014

Written by contributor Rick Delgado, the piece looks at the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce and what companies should be doing to stay on track. Especially in mobile, e-commerce played a significant role in the past year; this past weekend, Amazon itself reported that 60 percent of all transactions made on its website during the winter holiday season were made on mobile devices.

13. Downtown Project’s Ovik Banerjee Passes Away

2014 started off with some deeply upsetting news, with Las Vegas’s Downtown Project’s Ovik Banerjee passing away. We took a moment to write a tribute to Banerjee and his great work in the startup community.

12. The Upcoming Google Nexus 6 – 4 Features We Can Expect to See

Google teamed up previously with LG for both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5. When it was announced that Google would work alongside Motorola for its new Nexus 6, people everywhere got excited and started sharing their ideas on what kind of phone could possibly arise from such a partnership; after all, Motorola is responsible for being the first company to produce a mobile phone – what could result in this partnership between a historical figure and one of this age’s greatest innovators?

11. How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay on Both Desktop and Mobile

One of the things that sucked this year: Facebook video ads. What’s even worse is the fact that those stupid ads would play automatically on your news feed – there was no initial option to allow you to even change that. In July, though, Facebook finally introduced a new option that allowed Facebook users to choose whether or not videos can play automatically on their news feeds; here’s a guide to show how to do that.

10. Buying an iPhone 6: One of the Worst Decisions You Can Make

Our resident Android user on Editorial wrote a great article on why consumers should consider buying something other than the iPhone 6. The article produced a widely divisive response from the community; in a predictable turn of events, Apple fanboys came to the defense of the iPhone, claiming the article was an advertorial (it isn’t), while Android enthusiasts celebrated the piece for its great points.

9. Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Video with Iconosqaure (Formerly Statigram)

While this article was only published a little over a week ago, it has instantly become one of the top articles of 2014. Apropos of the end of 2014, Iconosquare has created a feature that allows Instagram users to transform their most liked personal Instagram photos from the year into a video montage.

8. 70 Startup Women Show Us What They Wear to Work

Because startups aren’t all about men, we wanted to show what startup women wear to work. (FYI: This post got significantly higher traffic than the startup guys version).

7. 6 Cloud-Based Tools for Creating Mobile & Web Apps

We’re living in the age of apps (and not of the food kind…disappointingly), and everyone and their mom is trying to make the best new app out there or maybe just building a better platform for their company. Whatever the case, several Cloud-based tools have sprung up across the Web, and it can be difficult trying to figure out which one to use.

6. A Look Into the Future: 5G Network Speeds and When They’ll Arrive

While 4G is a relatively new technology for the consumer market, 5G networks are expected to come into being by around the year 2021. Sure, it’s a few years off, but we shouldn’t be surprised if they arrive sooner than expected especially considering the rate at which we’re advancing all aspects of technology in general. This article looks at what 5G may look like and when we can expect it (with South Korea aggressively trying to roll out 5G networks by 2017.

5. 5 Rumors Surrounding the Upcoming Google Nexus 6

Do you sense a theme here? People were all about the Nexus 6 in 2014, and they were finally able to confirm whether or not some of the rumors surroundings its design and features were actually incorporated into the phone (which was released this past October). Here are some of those rumors, in case you missed it.

4. 10 DC Startups Destined to Breakout in 2014

We had a lot of expectations for 2014, especially when it came down to certain startup communities. The DC community, in particular, will always hold a special significance for us, as Tech.Co spent many of its years developing out of the region. At the beginning of this year, we spotlighted a handful of startups that we believed would make some great developments this year. Indeed, from TrackMaven’s closing of major Series A and Series B rounds, to Silica Labs’ sizable grant from the Digital DC Tech Fund, it seems that we were pretty spot-on.

3. Want to Find Out If Your Instagram Crush Likes You? Use This App

Everyone seems to want to know if their Instagram crush likes them. Glimpse is a dating app that pretty much allows you to do just that.

2. 10 Great Apps You Should Have on Your iPhone or Android

Written by one our contributors, the piece highlights some essential apps that everyone should have on their iPhones or Android phones. While I personally could argue that not all of these apps should be on your phone, it’s great knowing that some of these tools actually exist for use if and when I need them.

1. The Phablet to Rule Them All: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Sony Xperia Z Ultra

This year saw the increase in the “phablet”, the weird middle-ground device between a smartphone and mobile tablet. And at the center of that debate was whether were Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra. This Tech.Co top story of 2014 looks at the similarities and differences between the two phablets.

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