TECH cocktail Boston: Sold Out in a Day

August 15, 2007

3:11 pm

Wow! This is absolutely the best response we have had for a first time event. Another reason why I love Boston – Bostonians are always up for a tech party (myself included).

So, here’s what we’re going to do for those that didn’t jump on the RSVP list. We opened up a wait list which can be found at the same URL ( Since Tequila Rain is part of Jillian’s we figure there will be plenty to do while we sort out now shows and work some of the wait list into the event. Heck, maybe we can end up taking up all of Jillian’s too. Why not? Go big or go home right?

This is how we’ve handled the Chicago and DC overflow in the past and it has worked great since there are typically a handful of no shows and a good portion of the wait list usually gets in.

If you haven’t RSVPed yet please hop onto the wait list and RSVP there as soon as you can. Also, now that we know what demand is like we’ll make sure to line up a bigger venue for the next one.

Thanks again Boston for making this event memorable before it even begins. See you all in a few weeks!

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