Get Up Close and Personal with Your Favorite Startup Luminaries

October 2, 2014

9:00 am

What do David Copperfield, Matt Galligan, Neil Patel, David Cohen, and Tony Hsieh have in common? They’re all speaking at Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference next week.

The environment for Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference is set up to be intimate and unique. The Inspire Theatre in Downtown Las Vegas is a converted space that provides a ton of opportunities to connect. From the News Cafe at the entrance to the Wayfarer Bar that opens up into the theatre space, the first floor offers an opportunity to absorb the session content or spark up a great conversation with a new contact.

On the second floor, we will make use of these glass-enclosed meeting rooms that we’ve dubbed the “Fishbowl” and the “Tank” by scheduling mentor circle sessions and making the rooms available for spontaneous breakouts. What is a spontaneous breakout? As panelists are connecting on different discussion points or feel like they have more to say, they are free to announce right there on stage that they will be available in the “Tank” or the “Fishbowl” directly following that presentation. So without having an appointment, attendees are welcome to head to the second floor after the panel session and connect face-to-face with the speakers who have made themselves available.

For those who like to plan ahead, we have also scheduled roundtable-style mentor circle sessions. Some of these appointments will be in the aforementioned Fishbowl and Tank, but most of them will be just around the corner from Inspire Theatre at Downtown Cocktail Room. DCR was one of the first fixtures that propelled the entire Fremont East Entertainment District, before Tony Hsieh and Zappos ever considered moving to DTLV. We are proud to show off this space by using it during the day for mentor circles, where up to 10 attendees will schedule themselves at each mentor circle roundtable.

Another very unique part about this roundtable element that leads to increased interaction is that most of these mentor circles will be lead by TWO mentors! So, you might find that you are hearing the viewpoints of two different founders, thought leaders, community builders, or investors. We hope this makes for an inspiring, in-depth conversation that will keep people talking about Celebrate Conference for a long time to come.

Scheduling for mentor circle sessions has already started, so make sure you watch your attendee emails for the chance to get into these. (Please do not sign up for more than 2 – the system may cancel your extras if you do!)

Monday night, attendees will get the chance to interact with almost 50 competing startups at the National Startup Showcase and Mixer at Place on 7th, another new venue in Downtown Las Vegas. Here, you might find the next foodtrepreneur, hardware startup, app to download, or wearable healthtech. 

I haven’t even mentioned that Inspire Theatre has a THIRD floor, where attendees will congregate for lunch, impromptu networking, and a magnificent view of Fremont East during Tuesday night’s closing party.

So if you haven’t already…

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Previously the Managing Editor at Tech.Co, Ann Diab has a background of launching and nurturing of startups and tech companies.

Empowering and educating entrepreneurs and startups to better productivity and culture is her passion. Growth Manager at WorkingOn to enable folks all over the world to enjoy work and improve communication. Follow me on Twitter.

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