Rachel Ryle: The Fear of Being On One’s Own is Greater Than Fear of Leaving a Job

October 31, 2014

10:00 am

Illustrator and animator Rachel Ryle has quickly become one of the most popular users on Instagram. And, for those who have seen her work on the photo-sharing and video-sharing platform, news of this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. What may come as a shocker to most, though, is that prior to her success, Ryle held a steady 9-to-5 job and had no previous experience in animation. At a Tech Cocktail Celebrate talk titled “Unleashing Your Creativity“, Ryle shared how her fear of going solo was greater than the fear of leaving the security of her job.

“It wasn’t necessarily the scare of leaving the job I had at the time; it was the scare of really being on my own for the first time,” said Ryle. “And that means so much more[…]Often – with us in the startup world – our job sometimes ends…and I was used to that cycle in my life. But the idea of really going off on my own and really pursuing art [scared me more].”

While Ryle doesn’t doubt that leaving her steady career as a designer wasn’t scary in its own right, she was more terrified of going of on her own for the first time in my life. She points out that as people in startups or as working people in general, switching jobs or going from one company to the next is something that should already be a part of our expectations for the future. This notion, however, of completely going off on one’s own is really something unexpected, since it inherently goes against the social nature of human beings.

And, surely, the same can be and has been experienced for those who are starting or have started companies on their own – that the idea of being alone is largely a scarier notion than leaving a job. For Ryle, it has certainly paid off, and she thinks it could pay off for others, as well, advising people to stop waiting for the perfect time to share their ideas.

Listen to what else Rachel Ryle had to say in her Tech Cocktail Celebrate talk. Here’s the video:


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