TECH cocktail Champaign 2 Preview

March 11, 2009

9:20 pm

We are excited to be bringing TECH cocktail to Champaign again March 12, 2009 as we host our second Big Ten Conference campus-style event near the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana campus and research park. Here are RSVP details if you haven’t already.

We would not be able to have this event without the help of our sponsors:

Here’s a preview of the startups that will be demoing at the event:

Integrated Data Security, Inc. (IDS) provides services to manage the growth of a business’ information while maintaining the integrity and security of its most sensitive and valuable digital assets.
IDS offers a comprehensive suite of solutions through the use of policy-driven software applications and services known as Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). From conception to archive and disposal, IDS helps companies manage information throughout its lifecycle in a manner that optimizes storage and access. Until now these types of technologies have been made available exclusively to Fortune 500 Companies.

The Hand-held Apparatus for Mobile Mapping and Expedited Reporting (HAMMER™) is the brainchild of Tad Britt of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Lab (CERL). The HAMMER™ base unit integrates a hand-held computer that runs Windows XP and ArcGISTM software with a global positioning system (GPS) sensor (available in either 2-centimeter survey- or 3-meter map-grade), compass, laser rangefinder, and a digital camera (capable of capturing still images or video). All data can be annotated with either audio recordings or text. In addition, HAMMER™ can securely receive and transmit real-time audio, video, sensor, or geospatial data between units.

CERL has signed a Patent Licensing Agreement (PLA) with Compass Systems, Inc., of Lexington Park, Maryland. Compass’s midwest location is based in Champaign at the EnterpriseWorks business incubator.  Under the terms of a 2007 exclusive PLA, Compass Systems will develop specific modular capabilities for integration into the HAMMER™ and market a commercial version of the system. Other applications include construction, real estate, insurance, public works, and environmental studies.

Esther, Bernard and Sanketh are PhD. students at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In the Summer of 2008 they started a fashion website powered by visual search technology:

Schoohoo is a not-for-profit organization developed by parents and educators that allows schools to send free messages and alerts to parents, students, faculty, staff, and selected media via text messages and email. Alerts can be sent about upcoming events such as early dismissals, school closings, emergencies, holidays, fundraising activities, and PTA meetings. The entire Schoohoo system is free of charge for schools and those receiving alerts – supported wholly by private donations and our sponsors. Schoohoo works with schools of all sizes from PreSchools through Ph.D.’s.

Pinpoint Agent was developed in 2007 as an answer to a growing real estate problem: the all too often disconnect between agent and client.  It is imperative to trust the most important transaction of your life to someone who understands you. Conversely, many real estate agents that provide great service are overlooked because their special skills and values are unknown to buyers and sellers. Pinpoint Agent organizes agents based on your criteria, gives you the details, and lets you decide on an agent that means something to you!

The mission of the Dynamik Duo is to empower the visions of their clients. Creating websites for some of the very useful, currently well-established and futuristic concepts is their area of expertise.  It is through their websites that new concepts are born, take proper shape, become popular, and emerge as a niche concept.  Ashton and Ryan see to it that every new concept placed in their hands sees success.

24/7 Mixtapes was founded by knowledgeable business professionals with the main goal of providing a simple yet powerful website for mixtape enthusiasts from all over the world. 24/ was born to provide the best mixtape downloading and streaming services on the web!

Visual Information Technologies, Inc. (VIT) is a software start-up company based in Urbana, Illinois. In 2006 they licensed core software technology developed over many years at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois (the same folks that invented the web browser). That core technology was designed to enhance web research using advanced graphical techniques. But along came two very bright University of Illinois graduates who had a better idea. Following their vision, VIT has taken that technology to a whole new level in a product they call – VizMo.

Also be sure to set up a profile on our community companion site: I am TECH cocktail to post photos, videos and connect with people before and after the event.  See you all at TECH cocktail Champaign 2!

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