TECH cocktail Champaign 3 Preview

June 11, 2009

6:05 pm

Hey TECH cocktailers we are excited to bring TECHcocktail back to Champaign.  This is the third time bring the event to Champaign  and you can read about the last event here and see the pictuers here.

TECH cocktail Champaign 3 will take place at Houlihan’s in the Research Park on June 25.  Local technology based firms will be showcased in the bar area from 5:30 to 8:30.  Attendees are welcome to enjoy complimentary drinks and appetizers as they learn and network with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts from across the region.

TECH cocktail Champaign 3 sponsors

162Wolfram Research, headquartered in Champaign, IL, will feature Wolfram|Alpha, the world renowned computational knowledge engine released last month.  Wolfram|Alpha is a free web service that aims to make the world’s systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.

The knowledge engine is useful on a wide range of topics that include engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, units & measure, dates & times, and much more!  Log onto to view examples, read blog posts and see firsthand why Wolfram|Alpha is revolutionizing how people all over the world research the Internet!

161One of the supercomputers currently supporting Wolfram|Alpha is R Systems‘ “R Smarr” ( named after Larry Smarr, the founder of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications).  R Smarr is the world’s 66th fastest supercomputer built entirely out of custom made Dell servers.

R Systems NA, inc., located in the Illinois Research Park, is a privately held corporation that provides high-end computing resources for research.

160Within the University’s Research Park is its business incubator, EnterpriseWorks, a 43,000 square foot facility that has spun out over 70 startup companies from University of Illinois technologies since opening in 2003.  EnterpriseWorks provides an ideal environment for starting a high-growth technology venture with 24 full wet-chemistry labs, furnished office space, an extensive array of shared equipment, server co-location facilities, and conference rooms with complete presentation facilities and high-speed wireless Internet access.

TECH cocktail Demoers


Dr. Patricia Jeng created Mimosa Acoustics in 1994 to take advantage of research done on cochlear nonlinearity by the Acoustics Research Group of Bell Laboratories, from 1985-1992. Dr. Jeng and her collaborators (including Etym?tic Research) developed one of the earliest available Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission (DPOAE) measurement systems, CUBeDIS™.

Through technical advancements, Mimosa has condensed the original CUBeDIS™ system into a lightweight probe and PC-card assembly. The PC-card fits into a laptop computer and is highly portable. The DPOAE measurement is now a standard audiological tool, and is especially useful for infant hearing screening because the tests are quick to perform and do not require an active response from the patient.  For detailed information on Mimosa’s products and services, vist their website.

165IllinoisRocstar (, based in Champaign, Illinois, uses the Rocstar
simulation software suite to analyze fluid flows, combustion, materials, structures, and their interactions while solving engineering and scientific problems for commercial clients and government agencies. Employing integrated software, IllinoisRocstar staff utilize first-principles based physics for highfidelity numerical analysis in complex changing geometries.

IllinoisRocstar brings a depth of experience in micromechanics, combustion modeling, and granular material pack modeling, using Rocpack, Rocfire, and other proprietary software. The principals and members of the company are highly qualified technical and business leaders and senior scientists using advanced computation and simulation techniques to understand the implications of three dimensional fluid-structure interactions on the design and application of materials and engineered devices. IllinoisRocstar seeks to commercialize, extend and implement simulation software, and use these tools in commercial engineering analysis and as a product line of stand-alone software.


The Australian Semiconductor Technology Company (ASTC) is an independent design, research and development company specializing in the provision of leading edge, specialized technology and design to order services for software, development tools, intellectual property, semiconductors, and embedded systems.

ASTC commenced operations in 2006 and employs around 80 staff based in Adelaide (Australia), Champaign (US), and Tokyo (Japan). Though the ASTC venture is new, the founding team builds on over 12 years of working together as one team servicing multinational companies at the forefront of these industries.

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