TECH cocktail Chicago 10 Coming at Ya

January 21, 2009

12:42 am

TECH cocktail Chicago 10

It is 2009, we’ve got a new president and we’ve got a new year of TECH cocktails starting up.  We’re hoping to continue our mission this year of spreading TECH cocktail across the Midwest, the country and the world like jelly on toast (well, maybe not exactly like that since that could get messy). Perhaps we can get Obama’s CTO to give us a hand with this (are you out there? are you listening?).

Anyhow, we’re going to start 2009 off the right way by putting on a TECH cocktail where it all began, in Chicago.  This event marks the 10th one we have done in Chicago.  Double digits baby!  We’re as excited to get this one together as we were when we did the first one back in July 2006.

Here are the details:

Date: Thursday, February 19, 2009
Time: 6:30pm – 9pm
Place: John Barleycorn’s – 3524 N Clark (where it always is)
Cost: $0 (per usual)

RSVP Now (that’s an order!)

Given the poor economic situation we’ll try to raise as much money as we can and, thus, pay for as many drinks as we can but admission, as always, will remain free.

Speaking of raising funds: Anyone want to sponsor TECH cocktail 10? Check out the mixer sponsorship options and some rough audience demographics and then, if you are interested, ping me (eric [at] techcocktail [dot] com) and we’ll get something together for you (we expect about 600 people at TECH cocktail Chicago 10 for those that were wondering).

Alternatively, you can purchase a sponsorship right through our RSVP page.  If fact, we’d prefer that. Nice and simple online transactions – we like those!

Past sponsors, including Google, Microsoft, Chicago Micro, Saper Law, midPhase, the Illinois Technology Partnership and many more have received a great ROI on their investment and we think you will too.

Also, this is the official call for demoers.  Demo slots are for cash strapped startups and are provided free of charge.  We have a few folks that are already slotted to demo at TECH cocktail Chicago 10 but we’d like to add a few more to the list.  If you have a new(ish) company/product and you’d like to show it off TECH cocktail 10 shoot me a note (eric [at] techcocktail [dot] com).

Lastly, if you know of any press and top notch bloggers that you think should be covering TECH cocktail please get them to come the event.  The more coverage we can get for the great companies coming out of Chicago and the Midwest the better!

Alright.  Looks like the annoucement is finished.  Looking forward to seeing you all TECH cocktail Chicago 10 and to kicking off another great year of TECH cocktails.

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