TECH cocktail DC 7 Demo Preview

November 29, 2009

11:11 pm

Well here we are trying to work off those Thanksgiving pounds and at the same time getting excited and ready for the upcoming TECH cocktail in DC this Thursday at the Left Bank in Adams Morgan.  It will be a great time to see some of the new and fresh DC area startups and catch up with old friends and meet new ones as we roll into the holiday season.

We want to start by thanks our main sponsor for this event, WinAmp, maker of one of the world’s most popular and customizable media players. The WinAmp product team will be demoing their latest product and will be available for consultations on your media management needs. They will also be giving away copies of their PRO product to select attendees. We are thankful for having them as a sponsor. Make sure to stop by and meet the WinAmp team.

We also want to thank our newly added sponsor Intel. Intel pushes the boundaries of innovation so our work can make people’s lives more exciting, fulfilling, and manageable. Intel never stops looking for the next leap ahead—in technology, education, culture, manufacturing, and social responsibility. They never stop striving to deliver solutions with greater benefits for everyone.

Intel will be giving away an HP Envy Beat system laptop with Intel Core i7 mobile processor inside valued at $2,399!!! That’s right it has Intel inside to keep it humming and Dr. Dre Beat audio to keep it bumping. We are excited to have Intel involved and you will be able to come talk to some folks about Intel at the event.

HP - ENVY Beats Limited Edition Laptop with Intel® Core™ i7 Processor - Black

Win at HP - ENVY Beats Limited Edition Laptop with Intel® Core™ i7 Processor!!!

Now onto the startup companies demoing at the event.

Budgetpulse is a local company that has come on the scene over the last year or so.  I met the CEO, Premraj Jeyaprakash, at a SocialDevCamp in Baltimore a little while back and first learned of the product.  Their Marketing Director, Craig Kessler, is very active on Twitter and a veteran of the TECH cocktail DC mixer ! is a free personal budgeting software and savings goals tool helping consumers reduce debt, budget their money, and save for their financial goals.  They also have the option to establish savings goals where family and friends can contribute cash gift through PayPal, Amazon, or pledge money to help a user reach their goals.

tweeb-splashThe next product we have being demo’d is called Tweeb created by Ken Yarmosh and his team, Thanny Young, Design Ron Miller, Development.  Tweeb is a Twitter analytics and Twitter follower management iPhone app. It’s the only app (iPhone or otherwise) that provides a simple, digestible, and yet comprehensive view of how you are doing on Twitter. It is built both for the engaged Twitter user and for those involved in social media, who need a fast, dashboard-style view of key stats for their clients.  I saw an early demo by Ken at the recent Bootstrap Maryland and it is a very cool product.

GRSelect is another great local crowdsourcing company, based in the Bethesda area and run by Mark Walsh – CEO and his team Peter LaMotte – EVP, James Puntney – VP. Tech,  Maresa Becerra – VP Ops,  Michael Mossoba – Comm Mgr.  GRSelect, is a new approach to crowdsourcing creative content that evolves away from a simple contest and instead harnesses the power of of top quality professional artists.  GRSelect will set itself apart by allowing clients to receive the highest quality of crowdsourced content by bringing them into the production process. The new model answers the most common requests of the creative crowdsourcing world; higher awards, more feedback, and less risk. No artist that participates in a GRSelect project will go uncompensated for his or her efforts. At the same time, clients will now be active collaborators in the creative process.

High Res Logo SquareBandsintown recently participated in Launchbox Digital’s second summer accelerator program.  They were originally launched back in 2007 in Boston.  Bandsintown is a platform that connects live music fans to local live music through personalized recommendations and notifications within their pre-existing online music destinations.

We are currently finalizing our last spot and will let update you all on those details, so check back here and Twitter for any news.


And so here we have it !! Our final demo slot has been filled and we are happy to have …. wait for it

CYNCZ ! CYNCZ LLC is a software start-up based in Clarksburg, Maryland. CYNCZ solves the nightmare of managing your unmanageable contacts spread across multiple address books such as emails, phones, social networks, and CRM systems so that you can access your contacts on any source/device, any time. CYNCZ provides subscription based contact management, consolidation, aggregation, back-up services for consumers and enterprises.

CYNCZ eliminates the need for manually entering contact data into various address books and also relieves subscribers from manually keeping track of contact details by updating any changed information so that the most current contact information is available at any source or device, at any time.

We WANT you all there, so make sure to head over and RSVP!

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