Tech Cocktail’s Favorite Productivity Apps

July 6, 2012

3:00 pm

Summer has just begun, and everyone’s spending a little less time in the office and a lot more time in the sun. If you’re anything like me, the sweltering heat puts a serious damper on your productivity. Here are some of our favorite productivity apps to help you stay connected and organized on your mobile device wherever you go this summer.

Frank Gruber, CEO & Founder: 

Some of my favorite productivity apps are…

  • Maps, for navigating while on the road
  • Basecamp, for product management
  • Sparrow, simplified email app
  • Postling, social media management all in one place on the web & on the go
  •, for scheduling meetings faster

Jen Consalvo, COO: 

For traveling, TripIt is essential to knowing where I need to be and when.

Cardmunch is great for organizing business cards and new contacts, although I’m still trying to get in the habit of using it (and I may start using NeatWorks since Kira recommended it!).

I love Workflowy for it’s simplicity and flexibility for to-do’s and notes.

Monika Jansen, Editor:

Hootsuite and Postling – both awesome for managing social media channels
Venmo – mobile app that lets you pay your friends back on the spot
Basecamp – there’s a reason more than 13,000 companies use this online collaboration platform – it really streamlines communication among the Tech Cocktail team – and keeps us organized

Kira Newman, Writer & Editor:

NeatWorks: While I’m traveling outside the country, I can scan in all my receipts and medical bills for tax and insurance – plus all those conference materials, business cards, and random papers that end up in my suitcase!

Zach Davis, Director of Marketing & Writer:

I’m old school. My days consist mainly of reading and writing.

For writing, I would like to say that I’m organized and use Evernote. I don’t. I use the original iOS Notes app. Ideas come to me at all hours of the day, typically those which are most inconvenient, and Notes is my default idea dumping ground. It looks a lot like the diary of a madman.

For content consumption, I prefer Flipboard, with Google Reader (although not a standalone app) coming in a close second. Flipboard is the sexiest way to stay current in the world of tech (and news and sports).

Marla Shaivitz, Writer: 

I think my favorite productivity app is Instapaper; it allows me to scan and save articles for when I have the time to read them. I love that it works across devices, I usually save articles on my computer, then read them on my phone or iPad.

It’s as easy to click the ‘Read Later’ browser extension for Instapaper as it to ‘Pin’ on Pinterest, possibly my favorite ‘non-productivity’ app.

Antigone Peyton, Writer: 

Walk2Go – iPhone app that allows you to create emails or text while walking and use the camera to show where you are going in the background.

I also like Manymoon‘s simple task management system, which can be used to share project activities,milestones, and tasks with others. It’s part of the Google apps suite but was purchased by Salesforce.

Also, one more productivity app to the list-“Anti-Social.” Because sometimes productivity means not staying in touch. Anti-Social turns off the social parts of the internet, so you’re locked away from distracting social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and other sites you specify. With this app running, you have no choice but to do work, or pick up the phone to call someone and gossip.

Trisha Cruz, Writer: 

Flipboard: It gets all my favorite news sources all in one place in a sick interface. I can flip through a specific category and have the option of adding my Facebook and Twitter feed.

Pocket (formerly called Read It Later)to save articles to read later. It’s free, and I actually like the look-and-feel better than Instapaper.

Any.DO: I’ve probably tried a million note-taking apps, but right now I’m regularly using Any.DO. Nice and clean, and let’s me organize things I need to do Today, Tomorrow, This Week, and Later. I can also add things by voice and it lets you actually “strike” things off your to-do list, which, if you’re a notorious list-maker like me, is such a satisfying feeling.

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Trisha Cruz is a Tech Cocktail intern with a passion for writing and design. She is a rising third year at the University of Virginia majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Studio Art. Follow her at: @heytrisha

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