Tech Cocktail Top Stories: 30 Founders Share Why Their Startups Failed, Periodic Table of Tech Startup Funding, Harvard & Babson are Top Colleges for Entrepreneurship

October 19, 2014

6:57 pm

Did you miss out on one (or five) of Tech Cocktail’s posts from this week? It’s okay. We want to let you know that we forgive you; we totally get it. You’re a busy person, with a lot of things on your mind and equally as many things to do. You had people to meet, places to be, and tacos to eat. No worries, though, because we’ve curated this week’s top 10(ish) posts as determined by the Tech Cocktail editorial team. Need more Tech Cocktail? Sign up for the Tech Cocktail newsletter today, and get the weekly wrap-up direct to your inbox.

Here are this week’s Tech Cocktail Top Stories:

  1. 30 Founders Share Why Their Startups Failed: CB Insights compiled stories from more than 100 founders on why their startups failed; we chose 30 of the best ones.
  2. 13-Year-Old CEO Makes a Deal on Shark Tank: 13-year-old Noah Cahoon is the CEO of Paper Box Pilots, which creates designs turning ordinary, everyday boxes into airplanes or other vehicles for kids.
  3. 6 Ways to Become Your Own City Planner: Despite our reliance on local and state on governments to serve as city planners, everyday citizens are actually capable of taking on the role of city planing – here are 6 ways you can do that.
  4. Here’s How People Responded to the Apple TV Update at Today’s Apple Event: Despite media predictions surrounding an Apple TV update at this week’s Apple event, people everywhere were disappointed when such an announcement wasn’t made. Here are some reactions from Twitter.
  5. Startup Founders Share Their Favorite Steve Jobs Quotes: Thursday was Steve Jobs Day. In commemoration, we asked startup founders to share their favorite Steve Jobs quotes.
  6. Check Out This Periodic Table of Tech Startup Funding: Here’s a neat graphic in the form of the Periodic Table of Elements, showing the main players and organizations involved in tech startup funding.
  7. Firedrive Aims to be Mobile Leader in Cloud Storage: Firedrive is offering a unique product selection in Cloud storage.
  8. 17 Things Only Accelerator Graduates Understand: We reached out to founders of startups that have gone through startup accelerators. Here are 17 things with which we’re sure others out there can empathize.
  9. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Tells Girls: Start Coding: The Nobel laureate tells girls around the world to participate in’s Hour of Code and to move towards becoming leaders in a field committed to improving the future of society.
  10. Yosemite Update to Apple OS X: Not Only Pretty, but Pretty Awesome too: Continuity is a new feature released at this week’s Apple event. Here are a few other cool updates to OS X.
  11. Harvard, Babson College Are Top Colleges for Entrepreneurship: In recent rankings published by the Princeton Review in this month’s Entrepreneur, Babson College and Harvard Business School are the country’s leading undergraduate and graduate colleges for entrepreneurship.
  12. Tips on the Y Combinator Application and 12 Other Things We Learned from Sam Altman’s Reddit AMA: Here’s a few things we noted from Sam Altman’s recent Reddit AMA.

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