TECH cocktail Week in Review 11/20/09

November 22, 2009

10:58 pm

Sorry for the slight delay on this … been a hectic week all around.  So before we get into the new week ahead of us, lets look back the last week and the major tech highlights !

This past week in NYC the Web 2.o Expo was held.  One of the most exciting things to come out of the expo was the announcement by Anil Dash that he is leaving the blogging platform company, SixApart, to had up a new technology incubator  called ExpertLabs.  According to the web site

We’re a new, non-profit independent lab, with a mandate to help policy makers in the U.S. Federal Government tap into the expertise of their fellow citizens. The general idea of taking advantage of our collective wisdom goes by a lot of names, like The Wisdom of Crowds, or crowdsourcing, or Cloud Expertise, and it’s a principal that’s been put to good use by lots of companies and organizations since the beginning of the social web.We think there’s a huge opportunity to put the same techniques to work in answering the big questions that face the people making policy for our government, from the White House to all the countless other agencies and departments that affect policy.

Here is the video of the announcement at the expo by Anil himself.

This intrigues me for a couple of reasons.  Being a DC resident and serious promoter of the local DC tech community, I am excited to follow this new initiative.   Secondly. I had the pleasure to meet Anil as I help coordinate last years Wordcamp MidAtlantic and found him to be a great, engaging and overall really smart guy.  I will be rooting for him.

The next bit of big news of the week was the announcement by AOL that as they move into their IPO after spinning off from Time Warner,  they will be laying off 2500 people form their workforce.  AOL said that they will be looking for volunteers to take a layoff package

The voluntary layoff program is to begin on December 4 and end after the spin-off date (December 9), and if not enough volunteers come forward the company says it will fire people on its own. AOL says the cuts will drop its annual operating expenses by $300 million, and that it will incur a $200 million charge from the time of the spin-off through the first half of 2010.

As AOL is headquartered local to the DC area and we have many friends that work for AOL, we will definitely be keeping a close eye on these developments.

And finally for the week, we have news that Mahalo, the human powered search engine founded by Jason Calacanis, has released version 3.0.  The new version is looking to get them closer to the goal of combining three things with Mahalo:
search, content and Q&A.

Make sure to head over and check out the new design and vision and let us know what you all think.

As always we look for you all to help provide us some good tips as to what exciting things are going on in you local community.  Just send in the news to


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