Who is Tech Cocktail Week’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [POLL]

February 3, 2014

2:36 pm

Tech Cocktail Week is thrilled to announce the first Mixer and Startup Showcase of 2014!  Join us at Gold Spike to interact firsthand with the dozen-ish early stage companies making the biggest waves in Vegas.

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We’ll have a gaggle of startups on hand showcasing their goods, but before the event kicks off, we want to know what you think: Who is Tech Cocktail Week’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?  Let us know your thoughts by answering the poll at the end of this post (ends at 6:00pm local time on the day of the event – get the official rules here).

The winner will be announced live at the event and will receive invitation to an upcoming Tech Cocktail Week, recognition in the editor’s note of the weekly newsletter and added press recognizing the honor of being elected Tech Cocktail Week‘s Hottest Showcasing StartupDon’t miss out.

Who is Tech Cocktail Week’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?

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  • Bravo Store Systems – Expert skill of evaluating used items is no longer necessary to be successful in the secondary product market. With Bravo, every item that comes across the counter is vetted, evaluated, categorized, and accounted for, like no other system. Need help evaluating jewelry? No problem! Bravo’s Jewelry Master subtracts the stone or diamond weight from the mounting weight, giving the user a precise price breakdown of each component. Need eCommerce integration? We got it. Instantly post your entire inventory to the web on BUYA.com for sale or auction. Speaking of BUYA, our users get their own store profile where they can leverage all their social media efforts. Bravo | eBay API is coming in March 2014 to provide users with an integrated and seamless process to sell on eBay. Bravo also offers users who are unlikely to have big data analytics, product knowledge on every item that has ever crossed a user’s counter, including average sale price, loan price, days to turnover, and shrinkage.
  • Cuiker – Small Businesses do not advertise online because it is too complex, instead they use Social Networks to engage with consumers, but with poor results due their limited reach of followers. In fact, less than 2% advertise on Yelp, less than 4% on Facebook, less than 5% on Google, but 80% has Facebook and 35% has twitter accounts. Cuiker Ads processes small merchants´ posts to automatically create advertising campaigns across multiple networks.
  • JobHive – Job seekers are currently unable to stand out in the hiring process. With tools like; video resumes, psychometric testing, background/credit check, resume validation, sponsored apps, etc…, seekers are able to differentiate themselves from the competition BEFORE hitting the apply button. Employers are bombarded by hundreds of flat file PDF resumes for every job listing. Applicants are mass applying to jobs, making it difficult for employers to find the ‘right’ applicants. JobHive provides employers with data driven resumes, and an Applicant Tracking System, along with applicants that are pre-vetted, and have taken the time to apply specifically for your listing. So when an employer receives 240 applications for their listing, they can sort, filter, and search the applicants to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Macho – Booking travel is tough, especially with short distance trips in transportation-dense regions like the US Northeast. It is a time-consuming process that requires the user to already know the various options and even then, finding the most optimal trip remains elusive. Users today inefficiently book travel in a piecemeal fashion – they search for and book their inter-city segment and only then consider intra-city travel. Given their limited patience and knowledge of transportation options, users end up purchasing a suboptimal trip that often costs more/takes longer than what exists – all while becoming frustrated in the process. In terms of the actual booking process, users typically have to purchase from different sites and then archaically manually enter their itineraries onto personal calendars. Users have been conditioned to accept this unacceptably frustrating process. Macho hopes to save users time, money, and heartache.
  • Maidly – … 8 awkward steps to book a cleaner. 1.  Google for maids on their phone or laptop 2.  Search through Google places, yelp, natural listings 3.  Find a website like this 4.  Call up the company 5.  Wait for a call back to arrange a time for the company to come to their place, and give them a quote 6.  Check availability with them 7.  Pay over the phone or cash on the day 8.  Get a paper invoice when its all done 24-72 hours just to get a price. Yet every day millions go to all of this trouble because they want a cleaner, there is a huge demand for domestic Maids. Imagine if this process was effortless. Maidly makes it simple Step 1 Tell us where need’s to be cleaned Step 2 Tell us how often it need’s to be cleaned Step 3 Pay. It’s simple, clear and easy.
  • Push Genius – Mobile apps are not successfully connecting users with their surroundings. Engagement requires a tool that can gently remind and encourage immediate action based on preferences and proximity. Push Genius is the technology solution for companies interested in increasing engagement and mobile revenue.
  • Tealet – Tealet is providing high quality teas that are unique with full transparency from producer to consumer, leaf to cup. The current distribution systems aggregates teas from a region/regions purchased at local auctions and then is blended to create a consistent tasting tea in large quantities that is lower in quality and price. Tealet provides 3 times or more profit for the producer by providing a higher quality/priced tea to the market.
  • Trust Labs – The scarcity of money.
  • World View – Low-cost, disruptive technology offering customers a new type of commercial space travel. One requiring no pre-flight training and significantly reduced risk of technical failure, all the while offering an unrivaled luxury experience from take off to landing.


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