TECH cocktail DC 5 Preview

May 19, 2009

3:36 pm

The newest installment of TECH cocktail here in the DC area is right around the corner, and as usual we have an incredible set of local companies, in and out of beta, who are going to be showing off their products for everyone there to see. That is what TECH cocktail is all about, getting people out and amping up the local tech scene and giving these local companies the opportunity to show you what they have been working on. Remember, we are switching it up a bit from our regular Thursday night setup and hosting the event this Wednesday, May 20, 2009. While the regular tickets are sold out you can still donate any amount to the cause and get into the event – RSVP.

Last time, we had a great set and this time is no exception. So take a few minutes to look through a quick preview of the companies you will be seeing on Wednesday night at the Left Bank in Adams Morgan.

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Our demoing startups are as follows:

Think of tweetmart as classifieds for Twitter. It is a free an easy way to buy and sell “stuff” on Twitter. We had ease of use in mind when we created tweetmart. Have something to sell? Login, click on “List an Item” and in a minute or two you are finished. Your item will remain active for 7 days. We will send a tweet out to all your friends letting them know you have listed something and at any time you can re-tweet the item (to your heart’s content we might add). If one of your friends likes what you are selling, they can send you a direct message letting you know they are interested. Even better, for those that are not on Twitter but like what you have to offer, they will be able to send you an e-mail letting you know they are interested.

FitFeud is a competitive wellness platform that gives individuals,
groups, and organizations the ability to harness their competitive
nature as a motivational tool for weight loss, wellness, and a
healthier lifestyle. With FitFeud, you can challenge friends, family,
and co-workers to a weight loss competition without having to worry about tracking spreadsheets and weigh-ins.

FitFeud is based on the idea that what most folks really need to reach their goals is a kick in that ass rather than a pat on the back. With FitFeud, competition and the desire to win serves as that motivational kick.

Diditz is a new photo sharing application on Facebook, where users share their coolest experiences of their lives: their “Diditz”. Diditz allows Facebook users to discover the best Facebook albums in the topics they are passionate about and watch those albums in a beautiful slide show. Users can also convert their albums to blogs by embedding videos or writing notes, and share their “Diditz” using widgets, twitter, digg and other social bookmarking websites. Diditz also provide brands a new tool to engage their fans by putting a ‘Diditz” tab on the public profiles.Link:

Arlington Soho has developed InSide Job, a Facebook application that now allows users to contact people who have interviewed, worked, or are currently employed at the places you want to work at next! They have created a tool that replicates the best features of business sites like LinkedIn.

InSide Job users can also:
• Get the inside scoop on their prospective employer before the interview;
• Network with people in similar fields; and
• Find the right people to hire as service providers.

PointAboutPointAbout wraps robust web applications with a thin-client springboard to harness the power of a native application while maintaining the flexibility of the web, creating mobile applications across multiple phone platforms without any ramp-up time, no need for proprietary programming expertise and little or no re-development of your current site.

Wegora is Creative Darwinism.
People come to wegora to read, write and remix posts. Remixes compete against the original and other posts for the attention of users. Interesting posts, whether originals or remixes will continue to be read and remixed. They will be rated well by users and they will survive. Less interesting posts, whether remixes or originals will find themselves moving ever farther into the ether until one day, by random chance, they are read and remixed into something more interesting.

messagepub is a web service to allow communication from your application to your users. It provides a simple API to communicate via email, IM, Twitter, SMS, and phone. With messagepub, you can start sending multichannel messages in minutes with a single interface across many platforms. It lets you save a lot of development and testing cycles so that you can focus on your core business and competency.

Messagepub provides client libraries in many programming languages: Ruby, C#, Python, Java, PHP… It supports escalating messages, scheduling of messages for future delivery, and automatic handling of replies.

BuddyCast is a virtual theater that allows people to program their viewing and to watch movies and TV shows together simultaneously over the Web. Founded: January 2007 We bring people together! BuddyCast is a platform enabling a new business model that offers a Social Networking and Community Collaborative service to view Premium Video content. People work together to program their Internet Theater and they get together to watch it and interact among themselves. Our service offers paid as well as free movies and TV show, whether they are Hollywood Blockbusters or Niche-Foreign content.

MPowerPlayer is the leading provider of online mobile game trial and merchandising solutions to mobile operators and publishers, allowing consumers to easily try, buy and share mobile content on any website or social network. Our web-based technology platform enables the rapid deployment of online app stores, social networking strategies and integrated marketing programs designed to help our partners drive mobile content sales. We partner and offer white label solutions for carriers, MVNO’s, mobile game and application developers, OEM’s and mobile content providers to engage consumers more effectively.

Earth Aid has developed a free service that measures your monthly energy use and pays you based on how much you save.

  1. We review your household’s energy use from your utility company and use it to create a “baseline.”
  2. Earth Aid then provides you with customized advice to become more energy-efficient, and then measures your next year of energy use.
  3. Last (and most importantly), Earth Aid sends you a check based on the amount of energy you have conserved.

Consumer Healthcare Advisers Inc. is a Maryland company that offers consumer-oriented health management products and services to large self-insured employers. The focus of the enterprise is maintaining a robust flow of reliable information to employees and their dependents, who now face a new set of expectations about financial responsibility and self-management of their health and health care benefits. In this new environment, consumers need help to make better healthcare decisions for their families and themselves.

The foundation of the firm is a web-based technology platform called the Consumer Health Data Center (CHDC). CHDC is directly licensed to plan sponsors as an employee benefit.

A unique aspect of the enterprise is the availability of a wide range of on-demand coaching and counseling services in conjunction with CHDC. The on-demand advisory services will be paid for by the consumer.

Well I know it’s a lot but I know you will all have a great time networking and checking them all out. See you soon!

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