Tech Conferences Can Be Startups’ Secret to Success

April 30, 2016

6:00 pm

For many startups, it can be intimidating to figure out how to connect with others in the industry. With so much still needing to be done with building your brand and business, networking and connecting with the local tech community can seem tedious. Who has time to go to tech conferences and events when there’s still so much to be done? But here’s the truth – if your startup doesn’t participate in tech conferences, you could be missing out on crucial networking and community building.

Bali-based startup Mailbird has explored this topic on their site. As recent attendees of Tech in Asia Singapore 2016, the new startup experienced firsthand the impact that attending a tech conference can bring. As they write in the post, there were three key ways that attending a tech conference can improve the quality of your startup.

Direct User Feedback

For startups, feedback is crucial to improving company products and branding. With direct user impact, startups have the opportunity to interact directly with audiences, which provides much more than simple feedback and communication to brands. Startups are able to utilize other social cues to their advantage with developing winning strategies for their brands. And up-close customer interaction and networking with other brands in the industry will only work to a new startup’s advantage.

Meeting the Investors

Investors are also an important component to business, especially to new startups. Investors are not only able to provide financial support for products and future projects but can also be an underutilized when it comes to supporting in other forms. For new startups that may not have investors, interacting with them at tech conferences can be a great way to further develop that elevator pitch and get practice with interacting with possible future investors.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

It’s not just about having a good time and making connections – marketing is also a central force behind tech conferences. For new startups, this means absorbing all of the advice and information available. From lectures and presentations to social hours after the conference, there are endless opportunities to learn crucial information that could help further develop your business. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions of your own – taking the initiative could create opportunities that would not have otherwise appeared.

Tech conferences may be a lot of work, but they are worth it for new startups to attend. whether you’re looking to make new connections in your local tech community, practice your elevator pitch, or just want to see what the hype is about, tech conferences are a great way to invest further in your business.


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