The 3 Tech Skills You Need to Significantly Increase Your Pay

May 19, 2016

11:00 am

Tech jobs are in demand, and roles in the industry are cropping up to meet the rising need for them. However, it’s not enough to simply want to fill these roles – qualified candidates must also have the skills necessary to succeed.

Payscale recently published a 2016 Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report to highlight the skills that will be most beneficial to new employees seeking to fill these in-demand roles. In the report introduction, they write:

“It goes without saying that professionals must possess certain requisite skills in order to lead a successful career, and possess these skills makes employees and prospective employees more valuable in the professional world. It’s also true that most people expect a college education to equip them with these skills, thereby setting them up for lucrative and fulfilling employment.”

Specific to computing fields (though, other fields are included in Payscale’s report), here are the top three skills you need if you want that pay boost:


A programming language that stands for “scalable language”, Scala has had a large increase in popularity – and that’s good news for you as an employee looking to sharpen their skills. If you’re looking to have an impact with coding, learning Scala could be worth your while, as an alternative to Java.

Whether you’re working for a large corporation or a small startup, Scala proficiency can land you a maximum of 21.8 percent increase in pay from your current role.


Cisco’s UCCE/IPCC is a call-center technology that allows phone calls to be handled by a Cisco network. This is good to know, especially for IT professionals that organize these networks to be used for managing data and phone calls.

Learning how to work Cisco’s UCCE/IPCC can bring you an increase up to 22.1 percent.


If you’ve never heard of Golong (or Go, for short), don’t worry – it’s a relatively new Google-created coding language meant to work as an alternative to Java. The difference with Go is that it’s designed to work with cloud services, making it even more accessible in today’s tech climate. Go’s popularity with programmers has also seen a dramatic increase.

Learning Go can help you to secure up to a 22.4 percent increase in pay.

How Can These Skills Be Applied?

Scala, Cisco’s UCCE/IPPE, and Go are all valuable skills to learn if you’re looking to increase your chances of becoming desirable to more in-demand roles. This is especially true if you’re looking into the computer and mathematical operations field, as these skills translate seamlessly.

If you’re skeptical about the payoff from learning these in-demand skills – don’t be. Learning them can make the difference with not just raising your pay, but in making a larger impact in your field.

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