How Will Tech Transform the Way We Work

June 6, 2016

11:45 am

Technology has been a huge influence on how we conduct business in our daily lives – from personal entertainment to everyday errands. But technology has been a driving force in transforming our careers, as well. Tech trends have created a ripple effect that has affected the world in ways that you may not be aware of.

So how exactly has tech transformed the way we work? Here are a few of the effects technology has had on the world.

The Increase of Remote Working

Remote working used to be a work luxury for a select few. But over the past few years, remote working has taken off – especially for those working in the startup and entrepreneurial field.

Not only is remote working one of the top perks amongst employees, but it also aids business owners as well. Keeping the workforce remote cuts down on costs like office space, subsequently saving millions on additional materials that employees need to get their work completed.

It’s predicted that those in the IT, finance, and communications fields will be particularly affected by remote working, if they aren’t already. Although it started as a tech industry perk, remote working will undoubtedly spill over to similar industries.

Flexibility in the Sharing Economy

Whether it’s due to a fluctuating economy or an increase in the sharing company structure, employee longevity may be a thing of the past. Today’s most competitive employees make themselves marketable by embracing flexibility.

Freelancers are finding themselves with an increasingly supportive market to navigate through. This could also be due to the uncertainty of job stability that the sharing economy contributes to. Employees have to remain at the top of their game, understanding the latest trends and tools used to tackle industry problems. This will help make employees that much more marketable in a transforming job market.

The Future of How We Work

While remote working and the sharing economy are just two of the ways that the future of how we work is being shifted, they’re significance cannot be understated in terms of the evolving landscape of the startup world. These two trends affect a wide range of industries, and it’s up to those within the industry to prepare for the changes ahead.

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