Study: 1 in 3 Tech Employees Self-Identify as Workaholics

October 16, 2017

10:50 am

Possibly the biggest socially acceptable item to complain about at your job is just how hard you’re working. But working too hard takes a toll: Workaholics are about three times more likely to be depressed or anxious.

I have to wonder: How many people actually work as hard as they say they do? The numbers are tough to figure out definitively, but a recent study out from Insurance Quotes is at least documenting the discrepancy between what people self-report and what others’ perception of the industry is. Here’s what they found about the tech community in particular.

1 in 3 Self-Identify as Workaholics

A full 35 percent of tech employees consider themselves to be workaholics and 19 percent of the same are stressed at their current job.

“While some studies have shown single Americans may benefit from their solo time, which can make them more self-reliant and motivated, our survey found single men and women were the least likely to consider themselves workaholics. Perhaps because relationships can be so expensive, or making the jump from a relationship to married costs five figures on average, Americans with significant others were more likely than those going stag to consider themselves overworked,” the study reports.

People Think Tech Is the 3rd Worst Industry

People perceive the technology field to be the 3rd industry with the most workaholics — 11 percent of those polled held this assumption. Tech is only beaten out by finance and insurance in first place, and the legal industry in second.

Inside these communities, however, tech sank much lower in the rankings — hitting tenth most overworked out of a listed 14 industries — indicating that a lot more people might be claiming those 60-hour work weeks than are actually taking them. Which is good, given that the habit leads to a negative productivity.

Do You Work Through Lunch?

Is there a silver bullet that can determine once and for all who’s really a workaholic? According to the study, working through lunch is the number one sign someone is a workaholic. Instead, I’d recommend switching the computer off and stretching your legs in the break room.

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