TechCo Media offers incredible opportunities for you to connect with startups, our large tech savvy audience, or leverage a team of experts who can help you with strategy, executing on your vision, and more.

Startup Opportunities
As a startup, it can be hard to break through the noise. TechCo offers a variety of opportunities for startups and crowdfunded projects to get attention. Learn more here.

Advertising & Promotion
TechCo offers advertisers a number of options to reach it’s millions of readers. Whether you’re looking for ad banner space, or to promote something via our email newsletters or social media, we can help you reach your goals. Contact us here.

Event Marketing
TechCo has produced large and small events for ten years. From cocktail events to large scale festivals, we know how to conceptualize and produce an event, incorporate your activation, draw a crowd, and help you meet your goals. Producing your own event? See how we can help. Contact us here.

Event Promotion
Are you producing an event and need to get the word out? You can list it here on our Industry Event Calendar and for more promotion, contact us here.

Client Services
Need strategy help? Or someone to build out your app, website, or just provide some graphics? We have you covered. We’d love to learn more about your needs and see how we can offer assistance.

TechCo Ventures launched an investment community in 2016 to invest in the very best early stage companies we see. Interested in being part of the community? Contact us to learn more.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Cheers!