Technological Advancements Make It Easier To Protect Your Home

June 3, 2016

8:00 pm

According to the most recent FBI crime report, there are over 8 million property crimes a year. What can you do to prevent becoming a statistic? You want the confidence a security system provides, but think you can’t get it because you live in apartment. Burgeoning technology developments have created several DIY home security systems that can work for renters, both of apartments and houses.

Wireless connections eliminate the need for wall-damaging installation. Devices that can connect directly with you eliminate the need for a monitored system in order to protect your home. If you do want monitoring, DYI-installed equipment solutions have monitoring options.

Get an Extra Set of Eyes

Would you like, from almost anywhere in the world, to keep an eye on your stuff, your pets and even a building manager that may enter too often? All you need is WiFi and a connected security device. Companies like Canary offer combine video and activity detection devices that need no wired installation. When unusual activity is detected in your home, you will receive a notification on your smart phone. Piper has video cameras, plus entry sensors for doors and windows. Depending on the company, you will receive push notifications or perhaps even a call if there is a potential problem.

Remocam is an example of a camera that stores footage locally on an SD card. Nest has more than just connected thermostats to keep the heat at the right setting. It has a security camera option as well.

Expert Advice Helps

The number of DIY security options can seem overwhelming. Do your homework by evaluating a variety of DIY home security systems. Make a prioritized list of the security features that are most important to you. Set a realistic budget. With so many products on the market, there are a wide range of price points for security options—there is a solution for you.

See if your renters insurance policy gives any discounts for security system installation. Find out the required specifications that can help you make your decision.

Monitored Alarms Have Your Back

Because you rent, you may think you can’t set up a monitored alarm system to protect your home. The reality is you do not have to get a professionally installed, wired system to get the benefit of a monitored security. There are multiple options—SimpliSafe and Frontpoint, for example—that let you install the sensors yourself without permanently damaging the walls and sacrificing your security deposit. Cellular-based equipment doesn’t need wiring to allow for monitoring by call center professionals.

If you’re interested in a monitored system, be sure to compare monitoring service rates and any contract requirements.

Movement and Growth

Another thing to consider when shopping for home security as a renter is portability. Most DIY equipment is easy to move, but double-check. You want an option to protect your home that will give you peace of mind at your next apartment too. Spending multiple times on security equipment can be costly so make sure you can bring your purchase to your next residence.

Speaking of moving, maybe you’ll be adding more rooms and more space. Check and see if the security system is able to handle additional sensors and cameras before you purchase it.

Priceless Peace of Mind

The confidence of a security system is available to you even if you rent. You have a variety of options for both manufacturers and equipment choices that you can install yourself to protect your home. Even if you have a pet that you like to check up on, you have options. Knowing that you and your family will be safe due to the security system and technology is easier than ever before.

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