Technology Is Seriously Influencing the Fitness Industry

August 4, 2016

8:00 pm

The fitness industry has changed a lot in the course of a few years. With Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat conveying more permeability to people’s fitness and health, it’s no wonder people are getting move involved. However, the fitness industry could integrate even further by jumping on the technological bandwagon that their clientele have been waiting on for the better part of a decade.

While technology has fundamentally influenced the fitness world and made exercise more enjoyable overall, it’s still up to every person to stay aroused and get in touch with the day to day workout. More so, there is no exercise equipment that can burn calories and work for you.

Regardless of the number of gadgets you wear in the gym, you are your best motivation. If the fitness industry can embrace the transitional period, then we would witness more budget gyms coming up in addition to other people utilizing virtual personal trainers due to their convenience. Following are five ways through which technology is influencing the fitness industry:

Memberships and Tablet Kiosks

The fitness industry caters for a wide range of fitness goals and people of different ages. That’s why it is crucial to portray membership packages in an engaging and effective manner.

By presenting various alternatives, potential clients can go through the membership packages and effortlessly sign up with their selected contract which can be accomplished utilizing a safe and easy to use tablet. Motivating prospective clients to apply “self-service” kiosk, makes them feel more in control over what they choose.


Gyms need to motivate their members to interact with their brand. That can be done using monthly newsletters or regular social media activities. Applying an iPad enclosure enable users to register into the gym, share their experience on social feeds hence offering brand visibility and organic marketing.

It is currently simpler than before to have a new fitness coach or locate a different fitness class or gym or have different fitness class destinations.

“Researching on Google for fitness classes in your general vicinity will normally give you more information in the field. Or, it is, even more, easier to setup a home gym today to cut the costs of joining classes and spending more,” says Yuval Malichi of SmartMonkeyFitness.

And, with such a variety of recreation centers and fitness coaches utilizing social networking destinations, for example, Facebook and Twitter, you can likewise get a quick response on the web.

New Classes and Tablet Enclosures

Through showcasing of new activities and schedules, clients will be urged to collaborate with coaches and try out new classes and exercises. By building up an association with gym goers and being viewed as a positive impact on outcomes, users will put more effort in the association with the brand and will likely become brand ambassadors and local influencers, which are the cheapest form of effective marketing.

A tablet enclosure outside exercise rooms or with the home gym with it can portray the available classes and motivates passersby to associate with the same to learn more.

Access Control

For gyms that give day-in and day-out access, utilizing an iPad Kiosk with a coordinated gadget, for example a barcode scanner or fingerprint reader, can give secure and simple to utilize access control to those facilities. They can even store data on the client so you’ll know when they’ve signed in and out for safety and health purposes.

By utilizing a tablet enclosure, timetables can also be portrayed and provide the last minute accessibility for clients to easily sign up for a class. The enclosure can likewise be utilized to promote different facilities including sports massages and personal training.

Collecting Information

Similar to other fields, client information is vital, and having a secure and intelligent approach to gather information is essential. Introducing tablet enclosure technology enables users to give feedback which can be received quickly.

The tablets can likewise portray information on occupied periods and allow conducting of curated promoting campaigns thus motivating individuals to utilize the facilities during off-peak times. With such a variety of well-being and fitness applications being accessible and a hefty portion of them being free, there’s truly no reason to take your fitness for granted especially now that a majority of individuals own a smartphone.

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