How Technology Is Revolutionizing Travel

September 19, 2015

8:00 am

With the world as we know it becoming smaller than ever, many countries and travel companies are using technology to provide a better experience for globetrotters around the world. Here are four of the top ways in which technology is revolutionizing travel.

Tablet-based interactions

Instead of having to read through travel books, many tourists can now simply look up nearby attractions and restaurants on the iPad supplied by the hotel, just like they might normally do at home. Even if the tourist has their own iPad, using one that’s actually based inside of the country of travel will limit the possibility of roaming charges.

Subtitling Services

One of the most effective and proficient ways in which technology is being incorporated into travel is the phenomenon of subtitling. When a travel destination takes on subtitling,they actually provide smaller translations in the native language of a traveler under signs and in travel literature. Many of the subtitles are digital in nature so that the reader can choose his or her native language from a long list of choices. A great example of effective subtitling in travel can be found in Jerusalem. Throughout the city busses, trains and light rails can be found in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Digital Guidebooks

Instead of having to tote around a heavy guidebook or pay a tour guide, you can now have everything about a new city at your fingertips with a digital guidebook. These guides can be programmed to be localized, so you will be receiving the best information from the ground floor. Not only will you know about major tourist attractions, but the small businesses that make a location truly what it is are included in the app as well.

A huge improvement over the paper guidebooks is the ability to tell the digital guide to lead you to a new tourist attraction step-by-step, just as if you were using your GPS in your car back home.

Online reviews

There is a community of active reviewers around the world, and these people are here to make sure that you do not waste money on scams and tourist attractions that do not live up to their advertised hype.

Virtual Sightseeing

If you are on a budget or otherwise unsure of the trip that you want to take, you can whet your appetite for adventure and test the locations that you are considering using a virtual sightseeing app. This app can put you in real world situations using Google Maps and-360 degree video technology, setting you directly in the center of the action in a virtual world or in a real life, real-time experience. There is nothing better if you are looking for a low-cost way to “try before you buy” when it comes to an overseas vacation.

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