How Companies Like DC’s iStrategyLabs are Utilizing TechShop DC-Arlington

November 17, 2014

6:30 pm

On Tuesday, November 18, Tech Cocktail is holding TechShop’s DC Maker Event: Learn How to Build & Launch a Hardware Product Company where attendees can learn about the Maker Movement, explore TechShop DC-Arlington‘s various tools and resources, and speak with industry experts and current TechShop members.

This Tuesday night, November 18, TechShop DC-Arlington is holding a DC Maker Event which will focus on educating the community on how they can take advantage of resources like TechShop to build and launch their very own hardware companies. As part of the event, RebelDesk’s Jeff Hale and Riide’s Amber Wason will join us to speak about their own experiences with starting their own hardware product companies. In addition, attendees at the event will get the opportunity to meet and interact with some of TechShop DC-Arlington’s members. One of those members include iStrategyLabs’ Director of Operations Zach Saale.

zach-saale-istrategylabsSince openings its doors earlier this year, TechShop DC-Arlington in Crystal City, VA has become an invaluable resource to those in the DC region hoping to get engaged in the Maker Movement. The membership-based facility is replete with the tools and resources that enable people to create whatever they can imagine; from serving as a do-it-yourself fabrication and prototyping studio to a hackerspace and learning center, TechShop is supporting companies and individuals that are creating hardware products. And according to Saale, iStrategyLabs is one of those companies taking advantage of what TechShop DC-Arlington has to offer. Through TechShop, iSL has been able to create anything and everything from their office furniture to various prototypes for their clients. In particular, Saale notes that the company produced each of their SELFIE mirrors at TechShop DC-Arlington.

“TechShop helps bring makers together at a centralized location,” said Saale. Without it, the community would continue to consist of disparate workshops that flew under the radar.”

Outside of work for iSL, Saale has used TechShop to work on personal passion projects, like board and miniature gaming accessories. TechShop DC-Arlington has become a central hub for makers in the region – a collaborative atmosphere that’s supporting the interests of others in the area. For Saale, in particular, making things through TechShop has been an empowering experience that he encourages others to pursue:

“Just do it. There is nothing more rewarding than making something from scratch with your own two hands. Sitting in a chair or eating off of a table you designed and built is immensely gratifying and taking a raw piece of lumber or metal and machining it into something beautiful is insanely rewarding.”

Make sure to buy your tickets now to TechShop’s DC Maker Event: Learn How to Build & Launch a Hardware Product Company and meet other TechShop members like Zach Saale! Additionally, if you’re interested in exploring TechShop Arlington-DC’s 22,000 square-foot space (featuring things like a wood shop, metal shop, and electronics lab), stop by before the event or stay late after – tours will be held at 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

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