TechShop DC-Arlington is a Great Resource for Veterans

November 14, 2014

8:00 pm

On Tuesday, November 18, Tech Cocktail is holding TechShop’s DC Maker Event: Learn How to Build & Launch a Hardware Product Company where attendees can learn about the Maker Movement, explore TechShop DC-Arlington‘s various tools and resources, and speak with industry experts and current TechShop members.

This upcoming Tuesday, November 18, TechShop DC-Arlington is having a DC Maker Event which will focus on educating the community on how they can take advantage of resources like TechShop to build and launch their very own hardware companies. As part of the event, RebelDesk’s Jeff Hale and Riide’s Amber Wason will join us to speak about their own experiences with starting their own hardware product companies. Additionally, though, attendees at Tuesday night’s event will get the opportunity to meet and interact with some of TechShop DC-Arlington’s members. Two of those members include Chris and Bebe Hollingshead, a husband-wife duo who got introduced to TechShop through its Veterans Training Program.

Chris & Bebe DCTechShop’s Veterans Training Program offers veterans a one-year membership to TechShop for free, along with $350 worth of training. The Hollingsheads have since converted to lifetime memberships. According to Chris, access to TechShop has given them the ability to work on some great projects – things they couldn’t have made without it. From things like etching going-away and award plaques for Bebe’s reserve office and creating personalized glasses, to producing an adjustment jig for a plane mechanic and developing ground handling wheels for helicopters, TechShop DC-Arlington has been a valuable resource. And, for Chris, it’s also been a great creative outlet for the corporate, policy, and military personnel in the area.

“TechShop is a great addition to the Crystal City community…The TechShop environment is a great place where experimenting and trying ideas is encouraged and fostered, and there are plenty of folks who are willing to contribute their knowledge and thoughts on the best ways to complete a successful project. The idea of having a work space where you are free to promote yourself and make money is a powerful incentive to try to bring your concepts to fruition.”

On a final note, Chris tells those reluctant to act on their ideas:

“My advice to others who have an idea and have not acted on it is to just try. TechShop is a great environment for that, but regardless of where you do it, don’t be afraid to fail, because your idea will never happen if you don’t start.”

Make sure to buy your tickets now to TechShop’s DC Maker Event: Learn How to Build & Launch a Hardware Product Company and meet other TechShop members like Chris Hollingshead! Additionally, if you’re interested in exploring TechShop Arlington-DC’s 22,000 square-foot space (featuring things like a wood shop, metal shop, and electronics lab), stop by before the event or stay late after – tours will be held at 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

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