11 Startups Unveil at TechStars Boulder 2012 Demo Day

August 9, 2012

9:22 pm

Holy Demo Day Batman!

Tonight marks the unveiling of the 6th class of TechStars Boulder, the top ranked accelerator in 2011.  Last year’s class included FullContact, Mocavo, and FlixMaster.  What does this year hold in store?

Fear not, for Tech Cocktail is here to reveal the summer class of TechStars Boulder 2012.


With nearly five years as Expedia’s Director of Market Management, Bob Rogers, now COO at DealAngel, knows the travel industry.  As we learned in back in May, Rogers believes that most travel sites are missing the real deals.  DealAngel offers this real bargain finder using pricing analytics to find hotels selling below where they otherwise should be priced at.


RollSale is a marketplace where users can post their vehicles for sale to multiple local car dealerships.  Instead of getting “fair” trade value for your vehicle, make dealerships compete against one another to get the real market value.

27 Perry

Consignment finds a marketplace online with 27 Perry.   Quite frankly, consignment seems like an idea that should have made its way onto the web long ago. Sometimes the best ideas are those that are simply overlooked.  Icing on the cake-  all of the items available for sale 27 Perry are hand-picked.


Home automation is a matter of when, not if.  MobiPlugNetwork is taking its stab at this highly sought after industry.  By utilzing a gateway, cloud-based intelligence, and a native smartphone app, MobiPlugNetwork hopes to bring home automation to the price-sensitive consumer.


SalesLoft is a platform that integrates your company’s CRM to rank prospective clients willingness to buy your product or service.  By saving time on research, your sales force can spend more time doing what matters, interacting with customers.

Verbalize It

Verbalize It is a real-time phone and browser-based translator, at a fraction of the price of current services.  Granting you instant access to human translators, users need no longer worry about a communication gap when abroad.


An interactive, smartphone powered, fuzzy, orange toy with a distinctly small face, the Ubooly marks a new generation of playthings.  It talks, listens, and plays games – a combination rarely found in children.


Roximity delivers relevant offers and alerts to your smartphone or car based on your location and preferences.  As reported when we last covered Roximity, the Boulder-based duo got off to a hot start in 2011 by winning won the Ford SYNC App Developer Challenge at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in San Francisco.  Honda and Subaru will soon be joining Ford in carrying the service as well.


Innovation takes a backseat to improvement with DigitalOcean. Because dealing with cloud-hosting services can be a major pain in the ass, DigitalOcean is making its best attempt to improve the process by making it easy and straightforward pricing.  The MailChimp of cloud-hosting, if you will.


Our digital memories (pictures and videos) are stored on different services across the web.  Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr, or other, Birdbox is giving you a simple solution to collect and organize all of this media into one location which can be retrieved on any device.


Finding the right office space for your business is a difficult process, and likely not a good use of a startup’s time.  Enter PivotDesk, an office-sharing marketplace that allows shoppers to filter spaces to their specific needs.

For those in the Boulder-area, check out the TechStars after-party at Shine, starting at 8:00pm local time.  

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