TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2011 Launches 12 More Technology Startups

August 4, 2011

11:59 pm

Today in Boulder was TechStars demo day at the Boulder Theater as the top ranked U.S. startup accelerator program launched it’s latest class. We’ve been covering the TechStars Boulder program since it’s inception and you check out last years class here. This year, lead by Nicole Glaros and the founding team of David Cohen and Brad Feld, the Boulder program produced a class of dozen new tech startups.

The following twelve companies launched at TechStars Boulder demo day 2011:

Creative Brain Studios has created a powerful yet easy to use game development engine that allows engineers to create their game once and publish it to a number of smartphones, tablets and computers without having to re-code the game. This could really save developers time and make it easier to roll out a game a multiple platforms.

Flextrip offers an API enabling online travel companies to monetize the world’s largest selection of tours & activities. Flextrip also has a consumer facing product that helps travels find things to do while on their trip.

Flextrip at TechStars Boulder 2011

Flextrip at TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2011

FlixMaster creates technology that enables anyone to build branching-path video mash-ups, that pull videos, audio files, forms, and images from all over the web, to play in a single video window.

FullContact is the API that keeps contact information current. Developers can easily tap into FullContact’s database of over 100 million contact records to quickly turn partial, out-of-date contact records into fresh, complete contact records.

FullContact at TechStars Boulder 2011

FullContact at TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2011

GoSpotCheck supplies brands with real-time insights into their in-store merchandising through an innovative mobile application. Our crowdsourced mobile workforce is paid cash to conduct “missions” that brands create, such as taking pictures or videos of a product’s shelf positioning, verifying that promotional materials are correctly displayed, and conducting price checks.

InboxFever is a platform and marketplace to build and sell email powered applications. With InboxFever, developers can add the email functionality a modern web service needs. Some of InboxFever’s example applications send driving directions, food recommendations and stock quotes just by simply sending an email.

Meal Ticket provides a mobile, social, web platform for foodservice distributors to better engage with their restaurants in order to increase customer acquisition, retention, and sales. The application available for iPhone and Android looks to help consumers save money eating out.

Mocavo and Report Grid at TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2011

Mocavo and Report Grid at TechStars Boulder Demo Day 2011

Mocavo is the first and largest free genealogy search engine. In the past similar services have been membership based services so it was a pleasant surprise to see this free search option.

ReportGrid provides an API that makes it super easy for SaaS vendors and technology platforms to give their customers deep analytics and insightful reporting. This product reminds me of Chartbeat which we just covered.

Simple Energy looks to change how millions of people save energy by revolutionizing how utilities engage their customers. The applications use game mechanics to compare your real energy usage to your friends and neighbors. This makes energy efficiency social, fun, and simple.

SimpleEnergy at Boulder TechStars 2011 Demo Day

SimpleEnergy at Boulder TechStars 2011 Demo Day

SocialEngine turns anyone into a great social media manager by suggesting tactics to help them manage and grow their communities. SocialEngine scans your social media campaigns and suggest specific actions you can take to magnify their impact. This could be helpful for anyone using social media for business.

TruantToday is a truancy alert system that instantly contacts parents when students skip school, bring students back to the classroom. It allows schools to send out instant text and email messages to parents when students cut class. Ferris Bueller would not stand a chance with this type of system.

TechStars Boulder 2011 Launch Class

TechStars Boulder 2011 Launch Class

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Andrew Hyde for supplying the photos from TechStars Boulder Demo Day.

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