Here’s a Helpful Map of VCs in Europe [Infographic]

July 13, 2016

1:15 pm

Check out the digital version of Techstars’s ‘Investors in Europe’ map, where you can find VCs who invest in European startups. The map was created with help from Dealroom, and makes European investor information even more accessible to entrepreneurs and investors all over the world.

You can check out the full digital map here to see the VCs in Europe. Note that it also includes some U.S. and other investors located in different parts of the world who also invest in the European startup scene.

At the end of last year, Techstars published a large amount of data on the VC scene in Europe. At the time, we had up-to-date information on more than 300 VCs investing in European companies. We got this data from our own networks, demo days and events that we’ve run. We stored it in this public Google Sheet and gave everyone comment rights. We launched it alongside a rich infographic map that visually represented where these VCs in Europe are located.

Version 1 of Techstars’ Investors in Europe Map. Version 2 coming soon. (Click for full size)

VCs all over the world responded incredibly well and were super eager to update their information. Those we missed got in touch to get on the Google sheet and map and the whole community got behind us and pushed it out to their networks.

This was our first step to liberating useful data for startups and investors in the European tech ecosystem. We want to give first and help startups and investors save time by doing some of that research for them. Right now you can go to the Google sheet, make a copy and filter the sheet to find relevant investors for your needs.

With the outreach from the community and from doing some deeper research, Techstars has now identified  more than 501 investors investing in European startups.

Digital Version of Investors in Europe Map (Click for Full Map)

According to Dealroom, since 2014 startups in Europe have raised more than €23 billionwith a whopping €17 billion raised in London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris and Tel Aviv. This really goes to show where the money is and where deals are being done.

The top five cities in which investors have offices in Europe according to our research are as follows:

  1. London
  2. Stockholm
  3. Berlin
  4. Paris
  5. Helsinki

You can find the Google sheet of included investors here. We’re always looking for VCs we’ve missed, so if you spot one missing, please let us know.

Version 2 Is Coming

Version 2 of the investor map will be a landscape map focusing on Europe and Israel and will show the number of VCs (size of the circles) in each city and how much funding startups in each city have raised (color of the circles) since 2014.

We are printing it and sending it to the 501+ investors who are on the map and to every coworking space, incubator, accelerator and hubs that host startups in Europe.

If you fall into one of these subsets and would like a printed map sent to you, let us know over here.

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Brian Daly is the European marketing manager at Techstars.

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