Templatize, Track and Organize Your Repetitive Emails with Tout

May 9, 2011

10:16 am

Tired of writing the same email messages over and over again?  Go beyond copying and pasting with Tout, New York-based startup offering a time-saving service that will help you better manage email.

Tout’s email platform helps you focus on the unique parts of your emails, instead of the information that remains the same from one email to another. With a Tout account, you are able to create customized email templates that can be categorized. For example, you can create separate email templates for bloggers you would like to write about your product, potential investors, clients, or whatever suits you or your business.
Once you have your templates set up, whenever you browse the web and find a person or business you would like to contact, Tout automatically detects the email address from the page upon once you click your Tout bookmark tab. From there you are able to choose the appropriate template.  Make whatever personalized changes you need and schedule the email for delivery.  Tout even imports address books from popular CRMs so you don’t have to. Think of the time you’ll save!

Tout makes it easier than ever to track what’s going on with your emails. See if the email was opened, had any clickthroughs, and whether or not it was successful. From there, you can mark specific emails as successful or not and keep track of what’s working. Tout even analyzes your emails success rates and lets you take a step back to see which templates are working the best.

As for pricing, it is very reasonable.  The most basic plan is free, but it offers few features.  Your better bet would be their premium account, which is only $30/month. Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think of their service!

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