10 Apps That Help Startups Use iPhone 6 Efficiently

December 28, 2014

2:00 pm

Technology affords startup owners like you with a plethora of gadgets and applications that can make running your business easier. For those who own the iPhone 6, a gadget that Forbes has termed “Beautiful Freak,” there are ten applications that can help you use your new phone more efficiently. Check out the list below to know how you can enhance your business management and startup process management abilities.

Statistics show that smart phone applications save startup and business owners about 150 hours a year and applications also create an increase in productivity. There is no reason that you shouldn’t bask in the benefit that technology can afford you and your business.


A project management application that gives a Pinterest like finish to all project related information, Trello allows everyone to watch proceedings and updates on a dashboard that has boards instead of emails. When a job is done your team member can change the tag or the board name or simply shift the card from one list to another and the update is visible to everyone. The iPhone 6 app has a revamped sidebar with more options for you to enjoy easy navigation. When a new item is added to a list of the status of the project changes, iPhone users receive notifications on their mobile phones through the app. The app is available for download free of cost on iTunes store. Owing to the user friendliness of Trello iOS apps, there is no wonder that they are called companion apps perfect for use by startup owners. With affordable business plans and yearly subscriptions, Trello has opened up interactive collaboration through the iPhone 6 app.

Dial My Calls 

As a business or startup owner, it just so happens that you need to periodically update your team to keep them informed about certain projects or situations. In some instances, updates need to be done over the phone. Calling every one of your staff can be inconvenient and a waste of time. To remedy this problem, Dial My Calls has come up with their new app available for the iPhone 6. With this application, you can record and send your voice message to up to as many as 200,000 phone contacts. This application is a near guarantee that your team will get the message because while not everyone checks their email, they certainly check their phone. The app allows you to make free call blasts to a maximum of 25 contacts using 30 seconds long audio messages once aweek. For the rest of the days if you need to make an audio blast, you need to buy new credits starting at $10. After the blast has been sent, you also receive a report on your iPhone 6 regarding how many calls were received and how many were sent to the voice mail. Not only can you send the call blast right away, but you can also schedule the blast using your premium account. At such great pricing, DialMyCalls app is truly a great way to jumpstart a startup owner’s call blasts for free.Fire up your 2015 with the latest app upgrades


Evernote fondly and rightly calls itself, “the workspace of life’s work.” This application allows users to gather relevant information and ideas, conduct searches, and build presentations. It is the perfect way to turn your ideas into reality in a quick and efficient matter. This way, you can keep your startup and business ideas always on your iPhone, if not just in your mind. The latest iPhone app is super fast in terms of syncing across devices and is highly customizable, allowing startup owners to preview the order of buttons they prefer to use. The Evernote version 7.3 is faster, has a better homescreen and is a ready fit for your iPhone 6 driven business lives.


This little gem is an excellent option for those that have tech startups. GitHub is an application that allows you and other GitHub users in your startup to collaborate on building software together. Teams of people can integrate other applications, review codes posted or edited by other users, add input, and provide feedback to other users on the team. The iPhone 6 app of GitHub, iOctocat is the best way to stay up to date with the latest updates, make comments and merge pull requests on the software under creation all through the day. The smooth iPhone interface also supports notifications on changes in GitHub statuses through the application. Notable features of the iPhone 6 app include one password integration of new profiles and access to all github.com URL using ioc:// prefix instead of https://. Thus, it is the most cost efficient iPhone app for technology startups.


It takes a lot to build a strong business, and one of the main foundations is excellent customer service. With Zendesk for your iPhone, you can make customer service a priority. Zendesk utilizes cloud-based customer service that includes self-service, ticketing, and customer support features for your customers. The app is native and therefore, you can still relive the Zendesk experience from the web and enjoy services like around hundred different integrations wit third party applications and screencasting. The iPhone 6 app also helps you utilize multi-brand support from Zendesk using linked accounts. In all ways, Zendesk is a must have for startups who expect heavy customer rush and feedback.


With Insightly, project management for small businesses and startups has never been easier. This application allows you to manage your contacts, keep up to date on important projects, organize your tasks, and run your business more efficiently. It helps you improve your sales, customer communication, tracking, collaboration, and productivity. The app for iPhone 6 is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy high-speed performance of Insightly as the app processes requests faster than its web version. It is free, has a 200 MB storage space and allows you to store 2,500 contacts. Premium plans start at $29 a month.

Genius Scan

Businesses have numerous regular and additional expenses and this means that keeping track of expenditures can be very difficult. With Genius Scan, this problem is virtually solved. The app allows you to scan documents like receipts and send them via email to any recipient that they need to get to. The scanned documents can be sent to Google Docs, Evernote or Dropbox and the image quality is better than that clicked by original phone camera. The upgraded version allows startups more uploading capabilities and is a welcome change. Use this app to send all receipts, and business documents to relevant email ids using your iPhone 6.

Dragon Dictation

Sometimes, you are just too busy to jot down a note or write down a quick thought. Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition software that transcribes your voice memos into text. Therefore, you can quickly have emails, text messages, and more updated for you while on the go. The iPhone 6 Dragon Dictation app is five times faster in recording notes than other type-in apps sassing time for startups.


Dropbox is perhaps the goldmine of phone applications. Dropbox allows you to save nearly any type of file form wherever you are. You can access these files anytime and often without any issues.  So if you need to save a presentation, email, word document, or photos, then Dropbox has you covered. The iPhone 6 app has a smooth interface with notifications popping in whenever there is a new addition to your Dropbox. The app is best for sharing documents and media files across multiple devices and with multiple users in a startup.


Lastly, Buffer is on this list because a social presence for most businesses is highly important. Buffer is an application that allows you to share articles, images, videos, updates, and more throughout the day. You don’t need to do any work though – the application updates everything for you so your or your startup’s social presence is always set at “present.” The easiest way to use Buffer from your iPhone 6 is to bookmark it so that it can schedule posts from your mobile browser. Keep your friends, colleagues and peers motivated through regular feeds in relevant context and watch your business boom.

Overall, the above applications are a great way to keep your business or startup at a level of high productivity and efficiency. With the new iPhone 6, you’ll also be able to ensure that your work is done in style.

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