After Testing, Facebook Is Launching Payments via Messenger

November 6, 2016

12:45 pm

Facebook is, by a large margin, the biggest social network in the world. Part of the explanation to justify that might have to do with its “side apps”, where Messenger clearly stands out. Messenger allows Facebook users to exchange messages and audio or video chat with each other, further exploring Facebook’s most used feature.

Now, recent news show that the company started by Mark Zuckerberg will bring big changes to Messenger by introducing a “new” feature that allows the payment of goods and services within the app.

It all started last year, when Facebook started rolling this feature in some selected cities in the US. Then, in the beginning of 2016, The Information found some clues in the app’s source code, which indicated that this feature would become bigger, and virtually for everyone.

David Marcus, VP for Messenger products, confirmed this information a few weeks ago, adding that the company was already working with some payment providers, such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Stripe, for some time, in order to operate their resources.

This new feature is a clear sign that Facebook want Messenger to be more than just an app for conversations. After reaching the mark of one billion active users per month last July (becoming the second app made by Zuckerberg to reach this milestone), Facebook’s goal is to keep going, as Marcus explained:

“As part of this journey of 1 billion users, we focus on providing the best possible experience for our users. We remain focused on helping people connect with other people and companies that matter most to them. We look forward to connecting the next billion.”

Messenger will handle payments with the help of bots, which are little applications based on artificial intelligence, using the messaging app to perform certain functions automatically.

With this new feature, online shopping will surely get a huge boost. People will have easy access to shopping which, if connected to big coupons and savings, will surely drive more people into buying over the Internet.

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