TestNest: Getting Great Apps the Attention They Deserve

July 14, 2015

9:00 pm

With the rise of the smartphone has come an inevitable increase in mobile app store growth – everybody knows that. What a lot of people don’t know is that in 2014 alone, app store sales increased by 50 percent.

If you want to look at it from a different angle, it spells one thing: competition. That is, it’s harder than ever for developers to make their apps stand out amongst the over 3 million collective apps across current app store libraries.

True, it’s no longer a viable strategy for developers to simply advertise a basic app description with a few screenshots. What I’m getting at here is that these developers need to find new, better ways to advertise their products.

After all, the majority of app installations these days are driven as a direct result of users comparison shopping and making decisions based on which app has the most appealing page. To that end a lot of developers and companies have turned to concierge services that utilize ASO consultants to build A/B testing experiments by hand.

It gets the job done, but it’s usually slow running and high cost. If you’re looking to collect data around what drives conversion rates among your target audience, it’s not a good solution.

At least that’s what I hear from the team at TestNest. They’ve made it their mission to bridge the gap between ASO concierge services and generic A/B testing platforms to provide an affordable and fully automated service that tailors individual A/B testing for each app.

“Mobile app companies spend billions on user acquisition each year, but, when it comes to which icon, screenshot, or preview to use they rely on their own taste,” says TestNest founder Nick Kurat. “As a result, install rates suffer. TestNest’s latest update is the most comprehensive A/B testing solution available to help great apps attract the attention they deserve.”

The end result of TestNest’s process is a comprehensive report that highlights exactly what works and what doesn’t when you’re trying to drive conversion rates. Developers using the platform can A/B test their app store page content – icon, screenshots, name, and price – outside of the app store itself.

In effect TestNest creates a web based landing page that mimics the app store page layout. All of the targeted mobile traffic is sent to this page in order to capture crucial user statistics.


It’s a smart concept, and it caught the attention of Werocks who funded their seed round recently. Life after the seed round for the team at TestNest means launching into public beta and polishing the platform even more.

“App Store statistics don’t provide any insight into what users like and how they interact with an app page. TestNest makes marketing a science instead of a guessing game,” says Andrey Shymanovich of Werocks. “TestNest’s product is a benchmark for app store page optimization and a must have for everyone with an app.”

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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