The 11 Best Heartwarming Holiday Ads of 2014

December 23, 2014

9:00 am

The winter holiday season has been, and will always be, one of the most emotional times of the year. For many people around the world, it’s often the only time during which they get to see family and old friends; it’s a season filled with reunions – reunions that are oftentimes emotionally charged. Fully cognizant of our human desires and emotional leanings around this time of year, companies for many years have taken advantage of our vulnerabilities and have surrounded us with holiday ad campaigns that strike at our very cores.

Just last week, Apple released its holiday ad “The Song”, which made yours truly try to find the onion-cutting ninjas in my apartment. But in the history of emotional ads created during the holiday season, I think we can all point to at least a few Folgers commercials that stirred a few emotions in our bodies. The most renowned, I think, is the brand’s 1986 commercial titled “Peter Comes Home” during which a son in his mid-20s makes a surprise morning arrival at his childhood home and surprising his relatives – it’s a good tearjerker, and a great intro to the realm of “sadvertising”, an advertising trend that is increasingly dominating the way companies connect with consumers.

In recent years, tech giants like Apple and Google have jumped in on these emotional ads and, arguably, have created some of the best emotionally-driven ads. I mean, do you guys remember the Google Chrome ad “Dear Sophie”? It featured a dad who utilized some of the apps and tools in Google Chrome to document the life of his daughter. This year isn’t any different – with Apple giving it a really great attempt with its holiday ad “The Song”. But there have been a few other outstanding adverts this season – 11 of the best featured below.

Here’s 11 of the best heartwarming holiday ads that were created this year:

Apple: “The Song” (U.S.)

Boots: “Christmas” (U.K.)

Coca-Cola and Walmart: “Earn It” (U.S.)

Dick’s: “The Hoop” (U.S.)

Google: “Miss Nothing” (Philippines)

IKEA: “The Other Letter” (Spain)

John Lewis: “Monty the Penguin” (U.K.)

Sainsbury’s: “Christmas is For Sharing” (U.K.)

Samsung: “Holiday Dreams” (U.S.)

WestJet: “Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving” (U.K.)

Mulberry: “Win Christmas” (U.K.)

**Not actually emotional, but it’s always good to end on a humorous note.

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