The 15 Highest-Paying Cities for the Tech Industry

August 12, 2016

2:00 pm, bastion of list-based information for job seekers, has released a new report. By combing through their site’s data, they were able to match the top in-demand tech jobs with the top 15 cities in their ranking of popular tech job search destinations. The result: A breakdown of the most current locations with the best salaries in comparison to their costs of living.

Which means that San Francisco took a hit: even the average techie can’t afford it. “Twenty six percent of software engineers in San Francisco are searching for jobs out of state,” according to Indeed’s Paul D’Arcy, who Buzzfeed reported speaking about the research on Wednesday.

The List

Still, San Francisco is high on the list. Here are the top cities as ranked by Indeed, alongside their adjusted salaries:

1. Austin, TX $95,247
2. Seattle, WA $91,242
3. San Francisco, CA $90,457
4. Chicago, IL $89,091
5. Dallas, TX $88,717
6. San Jose, CA $88,085
7. Boston, MA $86,664
8. Salt Lake City, UT $85,395
9. New York, NY $85,287
10. Denver, CO $84,273
11. Minneapolis, MN $82,089
12. Los Angeles, CA $80,939
13. Arlington, VA $77,477
14. San Diego, CA $76,641
15. Washington, DC $76,075

What It Means

Not only is Austin at the top, but the report’s additional research, which examines the top 15 tech jobs by each one’s individual popularity, ranks Austin at number one for seven jobs. That’s an impressive breadth of high-paying tech jobs. But it’s not all good news: Thanks to rising costs due to heavy population growth, Austin might not be at the top in the near future. Still, you’ve got a year or two to lock on something rent-controlled.

Seattle is still a competitive choice, even though they have similarly rising rent problems. As I wrote on last month, an average salary for those in the non-tech fields would only be able to pay for exactly ten homes.

The others are all solid choices, and may be able to avoid sky-rocketing rents. As the Indeed report breaks down:

“San Jose, however, drops to #6 on the list. It may be the unofficial capital of Silicon Valley, but salary-wise, tech workers are better off in Dallas and Chicago. Meanwhile Arlington, plummets from #5 on the unadjusted list to #13 on the adjusted list, only slightly higher than neighboring Washington DC. Clearly, many government tech jobs just aren’t competitive salarywise with the private sector.”

High-paying tech jobs aren’t the only reason to move. But perhaps you know friends or family in any of the fifteen cities above. If you do, and you’re looking for a new position, the cities here are a smart way to narrow down the search.

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