The Art Of Customer Support With Sarah Hatter of CoSupport

March 26, 2011

5:26 pm

Sarah Hatter is the founder of CoSupport, a company that helps web and mobile app companies with their customer support. Sarah used to work in customer support at 37signals. CoSupport provides a personal support team, providing customer support for your apps. The product draws its inspirations from her old 37signals teammates David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried as well as Tony Hsieh, Willo O’Brien, Thomas Jefferson and more.

In the video interview (below) she shares why she left 37signals to start CoSupport, how she plans on teaching the art of customer support, and why the customer support model of today needs to change.

This interview is a part of Beyond The Pedway, a site created by Tim Jahn dedicated to discovering what drives creative entrepreneurs.

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