The Medical Memory Raises $2.1M to Record Patient Visits

July 9, 2015

3:00 pm

Phoenix, Arizona based startup The Medical Memory announced yesterday the closing of a $2.1M seed round. The Medical Memory is a cloud based platform with connected app that allows doctors to record patient visits. The goal of the service is to improve memory retention conveyed by doctors to patients, while ensuring that doctors can properly control the recording and follow any related regulatory or legal processes.

At the start of a medical visit, the doctor starts the recording, can move the device around to film additional items, and can also include further instructions for the patient. The patient can then securely access the video later.

“Patients forget 80 percent of what their doctors tell them, and as such, many are now using their smartphones to record visits, with or without the physician’s knowledge,” said Dr. Randall Porter, founder of The Medical Memory and a neurosurgeon at Barrow Neurosurgical Associates in Phoenix. “The Medical Memory is a better way for both patients and doctors to record medical visits. Our app’s recording workflow fits seamlessly within the normal doctor-patient interaction, and our secure website gives patients convenient access to their videos and makes it simple to share them with caregivers.”

Dr. Randall Porter Founder The Medical MemoryIn addition to providing a secure platform for both the doctor and patient, by having a transparent and optional platform to record visits it reduces the possibility of incident. Just last month a patient discretely recorded a doctor visit for a colonoscopy, and was awarded $500,000 in damages after he found his anesthesiologist was insulting him.

According to the Washington Post, “patients in most places have a right to record even without a doctor’s consent. Only 12 states — Maryland is among them, but Virginia is not (nor is the District) — require permission from all parties for audio recordings, including conversations with a doctor.”

Through use of The Medical Memory, Porter states there are other benefits as well, “by recording an entire patient visit from start to finish, The Medical Memory can reduce readmission and malpractice risks, significant concerns for any practice in today’s regulatory and legal environments.”

The seed round is led by California based Provenance Venture Partners, who previously invested in Chirpify and Jacked (acquired in 2010).

“The Medical Memory bridges the vast communication gap that exists today between doctor and patient,” said Mark Lester, managing general partner of Provenance Venture Partners. “At Provenance, we like to invest in companies that make a meaningful impact on people’s lives, and we are excited to help The Medical Memory do just that.”

Founded in 2008, The Medical Memory initially allowed doctors to record visits by mini-DVDs, SD cards, and now through their custom app and website.

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