The MenView: A New Way to Look at The Restaurant Menu

September 14, 2011

3:21 pm

How many times have you been out at a restaurant and had a hard time trying to figure out what to order? Maybe if you could see what the Chicken Teriyaki Surprise actually looked like on the plate, you’d order it. New iPhone app The MenView, which allows users to take and share pictures of food and drink items they’ve had on a menu, may be the solution to all your indecisive woes.

“Restaurant customers are always asking, ‘What is this? What does this look like? How big is it? What does it come with?’  Believe me, just ask any server,” says founder and CEO Marley Lisboa. “The MenView is just the app to answer that question and more.”

Customers can take pictures, upload them to the restaurant’s menu profile, comment, and share the experience with others. The app also tracks all of the items you’ve had at different places, so you can keep tabs on your dining repertoire.

Anytime you go out to eat and see something on the menu you’re unsure about, or simply want to check out what looks good, you can check the app to see what it looks like from someone who’s already had it. The app will include everything from appetizers to beverages.

For restaurants, this no-holds-barred exposure of their menu means it’s time to step up to the plate – literally. Lisboa is encouraging restaurants to take professional photos of their items so they’re ready for upload at the app’s launch. But showing off their food the way they want it to look will only raise the standards of the item’s visual appeal when weighed against user-taken photos of the same order. This side-by-side comparison will definitely force restaurants to show exactly what they’re made of.

Due for release this November, The MenView is set to be an essential app for foodies, casual diners, and restaurant owners alike. The app will initially be available for iPhone only, but an Android version is currently in the works.

Check out a teaser trailer for the app below.

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