The Museum of Me: Where You’re The Exhibit

July 26, 2011

1:00 pm

Let’s cut to the chase. You’ve been on Facebook since it was “The Facebook” and have amassed a staggering amount of friends, photos, memories and videos. Put bluntly, a quick glance at your profile would make the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World’s life experiences pale in comparison.

Isn’t it time you had a museum exhibit dedicated solely to your online greatness?

Enter The Museum of Me, Intel’s creative marketing nod to their new line of Core i5 processors that is 60% fun, 20% creepy, and 20% just plain fantastic. Born out of an Intel marketing group based in Hong Kong, the digital experience collects your Facebook information (after you authorize it to do so) and provides a three minute long virtual museum walkthrough in which your Facebook based social identity is the attraction.

And what an attraction the Museum of Me has become.

Hitting upon a tenant of advertising and marketing, which holds that if you can provide your audience with an innovative risk-free opportunity to satiate narcissistic and Napoleonic tendencies in the privacy of their own home, odds are the public will take it. And that’s exactly what they have done. To date, boasting more than 711,000 Facebook likes and more than 2.5 million visits, the Museum has become one of the top 12 most popular museums in the world by the numbers.

For those of you who are riddled with privacy concerns, the Museum’s Terms of Use hold that the “application does not store your information for any other purpose other than creating a visualization of your social self.” However, and understandably, the site requires access the majority of your Facebook presence to create your exhibit. (You don’t want a blank exhibit, do you?) Whether or not you revoke access after the fact is up to you.

With that, log in via Facebook Connect if you are so inclined, sit back and enjoy your exhibit. You’ve earned it.

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